Flight Review – Malindo Air/Batik Air Malaysia OD817: Penang to Singapore by Business Class

As quickly as I arrived from Bangkok, it was time to head back to Singapore with Malindo. Malindo operates one flight daily to Singapore and while the flight timing isn’t the most desirable, departing Penang at noontime, it was part of the Business Class promotion that I bought a couple of tickets with, so, here I am.

Malindo’s check-in counters are at the very end of the departure hall.

It was kind of confusing at the check-in area since it’s more crowded than Kuala Lumpur, with a general queue for all counters including the Business Class one.

The “No Entry” sign at the exit area didn’t help too, so I queued as per normal.

Perhaps this Smarter Shuttle thing is delaying things at check-in.

The queue for the common check-in took around 15 minutes.

“Not Just Low Cost” – then don’t remove your IFEs on your new planes guys.

My boarding pass receipt for my flight to Singapore.

Penang Airport, while compact, has a Plaza Premium Lounge in the departure area and Malindo includes it as part of the Business Class service, which is awesome.

Heading for immigration and security clearance.

I went up to the Plaza Premium Lounge to have brunch first, since I haven’t had anything for breakfast yet.

Came back down from the lounge just in time when boarding calls for my flight is made.

The central gate hold room, or rather area since there aren’t any checks to enter the room, for Gates A1, A1A and A2.

Walking down to the plane at Gate A2.

Despite the crowds queuing for boarding at the gate, I was the second last Business Class passenger to be seated on the plane.

In addition to the seat pocket items, a copy of The Star was provided at every seat.

On top of that, a blanket and pillow was also provided at the seat for the flight.

My welcome drink of apple juice.

Once everyone has been served their drink, the stewardess came around to take orders for today’s lunch, which is, surprise surprise, chicken pizza or vegetarian pizza again.

An actual pleasant surprise for me though was that I had my neighboring seat empty.

Pushing back from the gate.

The cabin lights were dimmed for take-off at noontime.

Bye Penang!

Turning away from Georgetown.

Flying over the Penang Bridge.

Butterworth Railway Station from the sky.

Since this was a longer flight to Singapore as compared to KL, the IFE was thankfully available on board.

My Vegetarian Pizza, the staple food of Malindo Business Class passengers.

For the IFE, Panasonic noise cancellation headphones are provided. I managed to get around 20 minutes of entertainment time before the IFE had to be stowed away for landing.

Passing by Singapore City.

Sentosa from above.

Seems that we’re going to land from the north instead.

Cabin lights were dimmed again.

It was pretty bright outside though.

Back in Malaysia for landing at Changi Airport.

Passing over Pulau Tekong.

Back at Changi.

While Malindo operates from Terminal 3, it usually parks at the far end of the A Gates, and this time is no exception too at Gate A18, the furthest gate possible.

The curtains were closed to allow Business Class passengers to disembark first.

Bye Malindo, my first and only Business Class experience from Penang to Singapore.

This is a quick turnaround flight back to Penang.

From the last gates of the pier, I got on the Skytrain to get me to arrivals.

Just less than a minute later, I got my bags from the baggage carousel and off I went.


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