Eastern Holiday: Tumpat to Kuala Lumpur by Excursion Train

The Eastern Holiday is a seasonal excursion train plying the route from KL Sentral to Tumpat, using the new Gemas bypass. The train’s first operational period was during the 2016 Hari Raya Aidilfitri period.

I took the first train on the full route from Tumpat to KL Sentral.

The interior of my Superior Night coach. 6 such coaches were attached.

My berth for this trip. The blue sheets looked new, and there were additional air-fresheners in each coach. Having already paid a premium for this train, these impressions made it slightly more worth it for the more expensive fare.

Before we departed, we waited for the Shuttle Timur to arrive in the loop line before we could proceed.

Also available are 2 Premier Class coaches.

The event coach is also attached, acting as a lounge car.

The space in the event coach allows for activities to be held here, or just more space to lounge around.

In future, the train may run mini games and contests in this coach during the journey.

The Eastern Holiday includes 2 meals and souvenirs in the ticket price. Here are the meals being prepared to be served to the passengers.

Instead of having to go to the buffet coach for meals, the staff will serve them straight at your seat or berth.

The goodie bags are also handed out with the first meal.

Heading away from Kelantan over the Guillemard Bridge.

My meal and goodie bag.

The souvenirs in the goodie bag include a pack of dates to break fast with during the Ramadan period, and a notebook with the design of KTM’s 29 Class locomotive.

If you’re still hungry after the free dinner, the buffet coach is open as well, selling the normal menu items.

It’s also decorated with festive lights and Sampul Duit Raya, also known as green packets, or more commonly (and albeit incorrectly), ang pow.

After dinner, being in the Ramadan period, prayers were held in the event coach for those who wish to join.

Later in the night, the buffet coach staff will come around taking orders for hot drinks. This is also included in the ticket price. Options include the typical instant hot drinks available on board.

My hot Milo. Almost everyone else ordered coffee or tea though.

Good luck with the night’s rest.

Breakfast was served at around 4am for sahur. I went back to sleep after receiving it and putting it aside.

I woke up at 8am to this.

Nasi Goreng and Milo to start the day. Seems like they would duplicate your supper drink for breakfast.

The Eastern Holiday takes the new Gemas bypass so there’s no changing of direction at Gemas, neither will the train stop at Gemas station.

The KL skyline from my berth.

The Eastern Holiday in KL Sentral. Which is also currently the only KTM Intercity train that would be serving the electrified sector between Pulau Sebang (Tampin) and KL Sentral ever since the new timetable.

The Eastern Holiday operates on a seasonal basis. You can find service updates at the dedicated Eastern Holiday page here.


  1. Ya Allah. tengok gambar gambar ni teringat dulu pernah sekali travel naik train. Dari Penang ke KL. oh kenangan. nampaknye kena buat lagi la ni.

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