Flight Review – AirAsia AK1727: Penang to Singapore by Airbus A320-200

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 001

Heading back to Singapore after a hearty dinner at Deen Maju Nasi Kandar at Jalan Gurdwara, I decided to use AirAsia as well, instead of coming back overland by bus or train, as it costs just RM45 all in, making it the cheapest option. Thank you, AirAsia. I got my ticket on AirAsia AK1727, the last AirAsia flight of the day from Penang to Singapore, thus concluding my 3-cities-in-a-day tour around Peninsular Malaysia.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 002AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 003

Heading to the usual AirAsia self check-in kiosks to print my boarding pass.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 004AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 005

My boarding pass for my AirAsia AK1727 flight from Penang to Singapore.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 006AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 007

Quickly heading to departure immigration and security screening as it was nearing departure time.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 008

Boarding passes and passports are checked before entering the immigration area.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 009

The signs pointing to the gates just after security screening.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 011

The departure screen found in the transit area.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 012

My flight was departing from Gate A1A.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 010

Heading to Gate A1A on the left.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 013

The gate hold room of Gate A1A. It got a bit confusing here as I saw no movement in the gate hold room, thinking that the flight is not ready for boarding yet. It was only when the gate announcement called for remaining passengers and I heard my name that I realised that everyone on my flight had already boarded, and those sitting in the gate hold room were not on my flight. Argh.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 014

Quickly heading to the gate counter to board.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 015

Argh, no aerobridge for international flights too.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 016

The view of my plane, 9M-AJX, from the ramp well.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 017

Heading up the front stairs. The rear stairs was already disconnected and the door shut. Oops.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 018

The interior of the Airbus A320-200.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 019

9M-AJX has Amazing Thailand advertisements in it, but targetted for flights based out of KL.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 020

My front-ish aisle seat for this flight at Seat 10C.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 021

The legroom on board AirAsia’s Airbus A320-200.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 022

The view of the aircraft from my seat.

Approaching departure time, the pilot announced on the PA that they are still waiting for the last few minutes for the final passengers to board before we push back. How considerate. Turns out that no one else boarded though, so the flight had some no-shows.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 023

After take-off, my pre-booked meal was served. As I had pre-booked this before my Nasi Kandar dinner plan, I was quite full by this in-flight meal time. I ordered the Bukhara Chicken Biryani with Hot Coffee for RM10 (~S$3.31) and the new Max Your Meal side of Burnt Cheesecake for RM8 (~S$2.65).

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 024

The Bukhara Chicken Biryani was fragrant, but unfortunately the taste might have been marred by my excellent Deen Maju Nasi Kandar feast just now. I ate just the chicken and a little bit of rice as I was still full.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 025

The Burnt Cheesecake (Max Your Meal) was very good, coming from someone who actually doesn’t fancy cheesecake. It was sufficiently cake-y and sweet, with a side of whipped cream. This goes very well when eaten with the hot black coffee (part of my meal) without milk or sugar.

I had purchased a bunch of stuff from the OURSHOP first-anniversary 55% off storewide sale, and picked them all up on this flight, so it was slightly embarrassing when the duty-free sales cart stopped at my seat and the crew started handing me bag after bag of my pre-booked orders as 100 people on the plane behind me watched on.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 026

Disembarking from the plane.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 027

Heading into Terminal 4 via the aerobridge.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 028

The welcome sight of Terminal 4 at the arrivals level from the aerobridge.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 030

Repacking my duty-free purchases first to make my walk less bulky. In total, I bought an AirAsia Aircraft Model A320 (Scale 1:150), an AirAsia X Aircraft Model A320 (Scale 1:150) ASEAN, a Cabin Zero Classic 28L Cabin Backpack – Sand Shell and a Cabin Zero Classic 36L Cabin Backpack – Sand Shell. My pre-booked items are packed individually in ICAO tamper-proof bags.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 029AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 031

Heading to arrival immigration.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 032

Heading down to arrival immigration.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 033

Ah, I wish I had managed to secure that low fare to Busan.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 034

Heading on to the baggage reclaim area after immigration.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 035

Baggage reclaim was at Belt 1, but not that it mattered since I don’t have any check-in bags.

AirAsia AK1727 PEN SIN 036

Here, I caught the bus out of Terminal 4 to Tampines East MRT Station.

Overall, yet another pleasant fuss-free flight with AirAsia, though I mainly picked the flight this time since it was much cheaper than the train or bus option, rather than needing the speed of a flight.

Thanks AirAsia for making such low fares possible so that everyone can fly, though unfortunately many people are taking low fares for all airlines for granted now and forgot or didn’t experience the times when only full-service airlines filled the skies and when flying is considered a luxury, to make a RM800 return ticket from KL to Singapore sound cheap, at that time.

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