Flight Review: Scoot TR866 from Singapore to Bangkok Don Mueang by Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 001

Scoot TR866 used to serve the Singapore – Osaka-Kansai via Bangkok-Don Mueang route, departing in the morning, which got truncated some time last year, with NokScoot taking over the Bangkok-Don Mueang – Osaka-Kansai route. Now, Scoot flies the remaining Singapore – Bangkok-Don Mueang portion using the same flight number, with a different evening schedule departing at 8.35pm which is more convenient for me.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 002

As I was at Jewel beforehand, I decided to go check out the Jewel Early Check-in Lounge. The Jewel Early Check-in lounge is located on Level 1 of Jewel.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 003Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 013

The FAST Check-in Kiosks at Jewel Early Check-in Lounge.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 004

Heading to an empty kiosk to re-print my boarding pass.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 005

Unlike the main terminals where each FAST Check-in Kiosk assign the airline according to check-in rows, the ones here at Jewel Early Check-in Lounge allows for all participating airlines to use the system. (If the participating airline is not stated on the FAST Check-in Kiosk, use the traditional check-in counters on the left.)

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 006

For Scoot, Jewel Early Check-in is available from 18 hours to 3 hours before your flight’s departure. Even though I had way less than 3 hours till my flight, I tried to click “Yes” anyway since I had no check-in bags…

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 007

… and it worked.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 008

The travel declaration for passengers who have been to Mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau in the last 14 days.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 009

Once I clicked all my corresponding travel details, my booking popped up.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 010

Seats can’t be changed on the FAST Check-in Kiosk, you have to go to Scoot’s check-in row and payment counter in Terminal 1 to buy and pay for your new seat if you would like to change your seat.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 011

Printing out my boarding pass.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 012

My boarding pass for my Scoot TR866 from Singapore to Bangkok Don Mueang. I’m departing from Gate C2 – how sad.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 014

Heading into Terminal 1 from Jewel at the arrivals level.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 015

Heading up the travellator to the departures level.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 016

This is why Gate C2 is a bad sign.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 017

As I cleared immigration just in time for my flight, I headed straight to the gate. You can probably only do this in Singapore with no worries on immigration queues and a long walk to the gate.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 018

Instead of turning right at the C gates junction as usual, Gates C1, C2 and C3 are on the left on the path to Terminal 3.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 019

Unfortunately, there are no further changes to my gate, so I’m stuck with a bus ride.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 020

Gates C1, C2 and C3 share the security lanes. Gate C1 is a contact gate, while Gates C2 and C3 are bus gates downstairs.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 021

Yup, my flight was departing from Gate C2.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 022Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 023

Heading down the escalator to the “bus interchange” after security clearance.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 024

Signs point to Gates C2 and C3 towards the left at the end of the escalator.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 025

The gate hold room of Bus Gates C2 and C3.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 027

There are toilets in Bus Gates C2 and C3, which the regular gate hold rooms do not feature.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 028

Water refilling stations are provided too as usual.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 026

Boarding pass checks for boarding by bus seemed to be a lot slower than boarding at the regular gates with aerobridges. Not sure if it’s this gate’s problem or bus gates in Terminal 1 as a whole.

No pictures of the boarding process and in the bus as the area is heavily secured by police.

I sat in the bus for about 20 minutes before driving off at almost the departure time.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 029

Heading out to the South Apron.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 030

For reference, this is near the PIE/ECP junction, which means I’ve toured almost the whole Changi Airport already.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 031

Arrived at my plane finally after a 20-minute drive. 9V-OJI “Ojisan” will be flying me to Bangkok-Don Mueang today.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 032

Definitely not going to meet the departure time now.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 033

Heading up the stairs to the plane.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 034

Only the front door before the ScootPlus is used for boarding.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 035

Walking through the ScootPlus cabin.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 036

Walking through the ScootinSilence cabin.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 037

Scoot assigns check-in seats from the rear of the aircraft if you do not purchase your seat in advance. As I had checked in online early, I was seated right at the end of the aircraft.

However, the seat map which appeared during my online check-in was a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, so I’d assumed I was in the second-last row of the aircraft in the middle. As the steward asked me for my seat number and escorted me to my seat a la Singapore Airlines, which was absolutely impressive, I was surprised that it wasn’t the last row, but the aircraft type got switched up to a bigger Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 038

The legroom available on Scoot’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which is impressive for a low-cost airline.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 039

The view of the aircraft from my seat.

More waiting here as everyone had to wait for the third and final bus with the remaining passengers.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 040

The new button guards on the armrest so that you don’t set off the Scoot light-and-sound show during boarding. If you had flown on Scoot’s 787 before this, you’d know what I mean.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 041

To entertain myself on this flight, I brought along my pack of earphones picked up from a previous Singapore Airlines flight for a fake SQ experience with Scoot.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 042

Once the third bus and everyone had arrived, the cabin lights were changed to blue to prepare for the safety demonstration.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 043

I was glad to have the two seats beside me left empty on this crowded flight.

The flight took off at 9.19pm – 44 minutes delayed from schedule thanks to the long and slow bussing from Terminal 1 to South Apron (where PIE is).

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 044

Once the seat belt signs were switched off, I moved to the middle seat so that I can recline without anyone behind me. The cabin lights changed to a nice peachy shade of pink and yellow.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 045

Thailand immigration forms were handed out by the crew just after the seat belt signs were switched off.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 046Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 047

My IFE for this flight made with a phone holder pen and SQ headphones. Thanks SQ for providing quality headphones to take off the plane.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 048

The front cabin didn’t seem as full as the rear cabin.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 049Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 050

The interior of the clean toilet on board Scoot’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 051

A hand sanitizer is also available in the toilet.

The flight touched down at 10.17pm – 12 minutes delayed from schedule.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 052Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 053

Disembarking from the aircraft.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 054

Heading up the aerobridge thankfully.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 055

Heading up the pier to arrival immigration.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 056Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 057

Here, everyone is not allowed to use the travellator and channeled into a single file for temperature screening.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 058

Once done, it’s the famous Don Mueang immigration queues as per normal.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 059

Heading out past the baggage reclaim area since I have no check-in bags.

Scoot TR866 SIN DMK 060

Back in the public area and back in Bangkok. From here, I headed to catch the Don Mueang Airport Bus Service A1 to Chatuchak Park MRT Station.

Overall, another pleasant flight with Scoot especially with the unintentional flatbed or 3-times super wide seat I had for this 2 hour flight, though I really don’t like bussing around Changi Airport as it almost always ends up with a delayed flight. I really don’t understand why Changi can’t get their limited bus gate departures right when other airports around the region which do it frequently like Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta can do theirs all so often every hour or so without a hitch.

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