Go Genting Express Bus from Awana Bus Terminal to Gombak LRT Station by Bus

Go Genting Genting Gombak 01

Gombak LRT Station is the closest point of the Klang Valley train network to Resorts World Genting, which is where I opted to go from Awana Bus Terminal so that I can get a longer train ride back to the city.

This article was originally published on 7 November 2017 on BusTravel Station.

Go Genting Genting Gombak 02

To my surprise, in came a brand new Scania coach on the Go Genting Express Bus service for my trip, which I didn’t know existed.

Go Genting Genting Gombak 03Go Genting Genting Gombak 04

The usual scenery coming down from Awana Bus Terminal.

Go Genting Genting Gombak 05Go Genting Genting Gombak 06

The new Pioneer APM seats look good, but sitting on it was a different story. It felt slightly slimmer than normal, a lot harder, and I felt like it reclined a little too much, so much so that you can actually see the person diagonally behind you when the seat is reclined fully.

Go Genting Genting Gombak 07Go Genting Genting Gombak 08

The journey from Awana Bus Terminal to Gombak LRT Station took around 40 minutes and costs RM3.40.

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