Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train: The Journey

This post is about the travel experience onboard the Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train.

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The shuttle train between Padang Besar (Malaysia) and Hat Yai (Thailand) commenced on 22 December 2015. It operates a return leg from Hat Yai twice daily, which connects to ETS and Komuter services from Padang Besar, in addition to the existing International Express service.

The shuttle train, operated by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT), uses a 2-car Daewoo DMU for this service.

Destination signs are placed on the side of the train, so look out for it if you are unsure which train to board.

Tickets cost 80 baht for this shuttle train.

The interior of the shuttle train. The Daewoo Diesel Railcars (DRC) come with 2+2 seating configuration with seats able to rotate to face the direction of travel, or to form a bay of 4 seats if travelling in a group.

The amount of space you get assuming the seats are in the forward position.

The shuttle train makes a stop at Khlong Ngae and Padang Besar (Thai) stations, before terminating at Padang Besar.

The shuttle train arrives at Padang Besar in Malaysia 16 minutes before schedule. It will shunt over to Platform 1 for its return trip back to Hat Yai, after the arrival of an ETS service.

This post is about the travel experience onboard the Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train.

This is NOT the actual information page you are looking for.

Click here to visit the new dedicated Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train information page.


  1. May I know where can I buy this ticket online? I will be travelling to Penang and wish to make a trip to Hat Yai as well using this new train service. But I do not wish to buy over the counter in the event where the ticket sold out.

  2. Hi,

    May I check with you how long does it takes for us to walk over from Padang Besar (Malaysia) to Padang Besar (Thailand)?
    Or, is it just transit at the same station?

    1. There’s no reason to walk over from Padang Besar (Malaysia) station to Padang Besar (Thailand) station, unless I may interpret your comment wrongly. Where are you planning to go?

      1. I’m planning to go Hat Yai from Butterworth.

        I was wondering if i have to walk across the border and get my ticket in a separate train station.

  3. Hi, how about the Immigration office to stamp the passport? Do we need to go to the Immigration office to stamp passport then back to the train station? or it could be done in the train station itself?

    1. The immigration counters are at the station itself, the moment before you board the train or after you alight, depending on which direction you are travelling in.

  4. Hi I will be arriving at the padang besar train station from butterworth with the ETS Gold 9208 train (scheduled to reach padang besar at 3.15 pm). I was wondering if there will be enough time to purchase and catch the 3.40 pm shuttle train to hatyai?

    and if so, after disembarking from ETS 9208, do i need to clear immigration and walk over to the thai side of padang besar then buy the 3.40 pm shuttle train to hatyai? or do I buy the ticket to hatyai from the malaysian side then clear immigration and walk to the other side?

  5. Hi, I’m taking the ETS from Butterworth to Padang Besar, Malaysia then to Hatyai.
    1) Is the station for the SRT shuttle train to Hatyai located in the same vicinity as the Padang Besar Malaysia station?
    2) If yes, roughly how far the distance?

  6. Hi. How about if i want go to kuala lumpur from padang besar? Should i use this kind of train or what? Thank you 🙂

  7. Hi, me and my family planned to take the commuter from Penang to Padang Besar, then taking the connected shuttle train to Hatyai. According to the commuter schedule its around lunch hour. Therefore, I am wondering whether is the 84min transit time enough for us to have quick lunch at Padang Besar plus custom clearance and then continue our journey to Hatyai? Or is it better that we take an earlier commuter? Any food court near Padang Besar train station? Thank you very much.

    1. It’s enough. You need to purchase your shuttle ticket at the SRT office at the platform as well. You can pack your food from the upstairs food court within the station to eat in the shuttle if it makes you feel more at ease.

      1. Thanks for your reply. May I know, do I have to get through both customs in order to purchase the SRT shuttle ticket? Or I could buy the ticket first, then get through the customs? Kind of confused since it’s in the same station 😂. Thank you.

  8. Hi, i planned to take a combined train from Hat Yai to Padang Besar to KL.
    Can i take shuttle train from Hat Yai to Padang Besar at 07.30 (arrived at padang besar at 08.25), and then take the ETS 9401 (depart at 09.13). So i assume that i will have 45 minutes (08.25 to 09.13) for immigration process. Is it right?

    1. The shuttle train will arrive at 9.25 Malaysian time, not 8.25. You will miss the train. However, there is no such thing as a combined train, all connections are at your own risk.

  9. Hi, we are planning to go to Hat yai with a small group of family (me, wife and 1 year old baby). we already booked the ETS from KL Sentral to Padang Besar for April 11, 2017, departure 09.40 from KL Sentral and will arrive 15.10 in Padang Besar. As I browsed the schedule for the shuttle train from padang besar to hat yai will be on 15.40 (is it?), So, will we have enough time to catch the shuttle train after we finished the cleareance immigration procedures both sides (malay n thai imimigrations)?

    1. HI, how was the ets and immigration clearance? Is it on time and did you manage to catch the 15:40 train going into hatyai? I’m planning a trip with the same train time, appreciate if you could share your experience, thanks !

      1. Yes we did cathed the 15.40 train to Hatyai from Padang Besar. Prepare some Bhat to buy the ticket. The train will wait for you until you finish with the immigration.

  10. Hi, i would like to know how long (minutes) will it take if to walk from Padang Besar Train station (Malaysia) to reach to Padang Besar Hatyai immigration. I’m planning to take Taxi after clear the immigration because KL to Hatyai train ETA too early in 5am & shuttle train start at 9am. Pls advise where or easy way to find taxi from border to Hatyai, and the estimate cost per taxi for 3adult.


  11. Hi, if I take EG9520 (23:07pm) from BTS KL to Padang Besar on 26.05.2017, I will arrive Padang Besar at 5:00am.
    Any suggestion how should I spend the waiting time before I board on the train from Pdg Besar(Thai) at 10:02am (09:02am Thai. time) to Hatyai?


  12. hi, I plan to take train from Bukit Mertajam to Padang Besar, and Padang Besar to Hatyai. May I know where can I buy ticket online?

  13. Hi Railtravel Station,
    Your information is helpful. I would like to check with you on below:-

    1. Take ETS train from KL to Padang Besar (when arrive Padang Besar, we will pass Malaysia + Thailand immigration counters in one shot, right?)
    2. If Yes, after passed both country immigration counters, we can either buy shuttle train ticket / mini Van from Padang Besar Train station to Hatyai, it is correct?
    3. For return from Hatyai to Padang Besar, immigration pass will be proceed at which station?

    1. Immigration is only when you are sure whether you take the train or bus. They are at two separate places. Please click the information pages to view exactly what you are asking about.

  14. Can I buy ticket early? Let say tomorrow I want to travel from hatyai to pdg besar, can buy ticket today?

  15. During busy holiday times e.g. end of Ramadan, srt put on extra trains. Usually a 5 car non air con third class train.

  16. Hi, my ETS from Padang Besar scheduled at 3:43PM. Would I be able to catch the ETS if I take the shuttle train at 1:05PM (Thai time) from Hatyai to Padang Besar (Malaysia), arriving at 3PM MY time.
    How long custom immigration process normally will take?

      1. So which mean I might miss the ETS at Padang Besar to KL at 3:43PM MY time. What’s the other alternative way/ suggestion from Hatyai to Padang Besar.

  17. If take bus/minivan back from Hatyai to Padang Besar, the custom immigration is same as the train one? Or where should we clear the custom if take bus?

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