Jakarta SHIA Skytrain from Terminal 2 to Airport Railway Station by Train

Coming in from my Indonesia AirAsia QZ263 flight from Singapore, I headed across the terminal to the Skytrain station to get to the Airport Railway Station to catch the Railink train into the city. As the linkbridge from the terminal was not ready yet, I had to cross the road the regular way to the Skytrain station.

Heading across to the car park area via the existing sheltered linkway from the arrival hall.

Entering the Terminal 2 Skytrain station.

Heading up the escalator to the platform.

The island platform of Terminal 2 Skytrain station.

It turns out that a Skytrain for the Airport Railway Station had just departed. Sigh.

As such, it was a 9-minute wait for the next train for the 2-minute ride to the Airport Railway Station.

After sitting around for about 7 minutes, here comes my train from Terminal 3.

The Skytrain for Airport Railway Station and Terminal 1 arriving at Track B. Trains run on bi-directional single tracks here.

The security personnel are on hand to guide passengers towards the exit.

The interior of the Skytrain.

Heading off from Terminal 2.

Taking just one bend to Airport Railway Station.

Approaching Airport Railway Station.

The ride from Terminal 2 to Airport Railway Station itself took just 2 minutes. However, including the waiting time, this journey took 12 minutes.

If only a walkway was constructed from Terminals 1 and 2 to the Airport Railway Station too as an alternative. There’s currently no way to walk the short distance due to the main road cutting across it.

Heading down the escalators to the Railink linkway.

From here, I headed on to catch the next departing Railink train to Sudirman Baru (BNI City).

Overall, it was a pleasant ride on the Skytrain but the frequency was left to be desired. Also, I was asked by the security personnel to stop taking pictures while on the Skytrain. Hmm, perhaps it’s time to summarise my journeys from the airport since I am writing about the Skytrain and Railink in detail a bit too frequently nowadays anyway.

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