Flight Review: Indonesia AirAsia QZ263 from Singapore to Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 2) by Airbus A320-200

I booked this Jakarta trip as a gamble, not knowing the precise date when the MRT Jakarta would actually open, since I wanted to secure a low fare about 2 months before. Thankfully, with the news updates closer to the date, it turns out that my prediction was almost spot on and I made this trip on the first weekend after the official launch by President Joko Widodo.

For this short trip specially for the MRT Jakarta, Indonesia AirAsia offered the best fares and flight times for this simple weekend trip, departing Singapore with Indonesia AirAsia QZ263 in the late morning and coming back not too late at night with QZ268.

My boarding pass for my Indonesia AirAsia QZ263 flight from Singapore to Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 2) printed from the FAST Check-In kiosk of Changi Airport Terminal 4.

Heading straight for automated immigration.

Checking my departure gate from the flight information screens after immigration and security checks.

For Gate G1, I decided not to use the main route through the shops since I didn’t need to walk around Terminal 4 to pass the time with the impending departure of my flight.

Instead, I used this unmarked shortcut where trolleys, wheelchairs and strollers are parked to head straight to my gate.

Heading through the unmarked shortcut with a set of toilets too.

And voilà, I’m already at Gate G4.

Just a short walk away from Gate G1 right at the end of the terminal.

When I got to the gate, the flight was just ready for boarding.

Queuing up to board my Indonesia AirAsia QZ263 flight to Jakarta.

PK-AXT is on duty for my Indonesia AirAsia QZ263 flight to Jakarta today.

Heading down the aerobridge.

The interior of the Indonesia AirAsia Airbus A320-200.

Heading to my window seat of 18A.

The legroom available on board. This time, I tried travelling with a smaller bag to trial the feasibility of it to prepare for another upcoming flight.

The older seats of Indonesia AirAsia have the company logo embossed on the seat backs.

A rather rainy morning in Singapore. There was quite a delay in pushback as informed by the pilot due to congestion around Changi Airport, probably since the heavy thunderstorm had just cleared up.

Finally pushing back from the gate after about 20 minutes past departure time.

Taxiing out of Terminal 4’s apron.

A Cebu Pacific Air Airbus A321 docked at Terminal 4.

A stray Scoot Airbus A320neo, 9V-TNB, the newest addition to the fleet, also parked at Terminal 4, without the aerobridge connected.

Turning towards South Cross.

Crossing over Airport Boulevard.

The grounded SilkAir Boeing 737 MAXes at the new parking bays across Terminal 4. Welp. Well at least they can now be used to test the new parking bays.

After a long taxi and traffic jam, finally, it’s time to hit the runway.

Taking off from Changi Airport at 11.09am – 49 minutes late.

The road system for apron buses from Terminal 4 to remote stands are almost completed. Uh oh.

Terminal 4 from above.

Turning slightly left towards Jakarta.

It was quite a bumpy ride up due to poor weather. Mainland Singapore is barely visible just a minute after take-off.

Heading up above the clouds for better weather.

Once the seat belt signs were off after a longer time than usual, my pre-booked meal was served.

This time, I opted for Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak (S$4) despite flying on QZ just to compare the taste.

On first look, it’s already quite different for the chicken as it looks more curry-like than rendang. Taste-wise, the rice is a bit softer and the grains are more pronounced. There’s also a stronger lemak feel as compared with AK’s, and the curry-like rendang for the chicken and smoother sambal blend actually tastes pretty good.

Strangely, I think QZ did a better Nasi Lemak than AK to my taste. Congratulations.

To finish off my meal, I ordered an additional Lapis Legit Pandan cake for Rp.20,000 (~S$1.91) to go with my hot coffee, and also because I may not have time for lunch later when exploring the MRT Jakarta.

I was a little disappointed by the small box of cake at first since the picture in the menu featured slices of cake, which means that the slices would have been really small, but when I opened the box, I realized that there was almost no air in the packaging and it was a really big portion for a snack for one. I think I cut this block of cake into 12 smaller pieces. 10/10 would buy again especially with the cheap price of less than S$2.

A rather straightforward descend into Jakarta.

Flying past Jl. Tol Airport Prof. Sedyatmo.

The view of Terminal 3 which I’m not using since all AirAsia airlines has moved back to Terminal 2.

Due to the late departure from Changi Airport, the flight landed in Jakarta at 11.30am25 minutes delayed from schedule. As such, I was unable to try out the Bekasi Railink train this time.

A quick taxi to Terminal 2.

Approaching the terminal at a weird angle.

Hmm, this looks a bit strange.

Oh. Now I see why.

Disembarking from the aircraft.

Heading down the mobile stairs.

The side view of the aircraft from the mobile stairs.

Heading down to the apron bus to be shuttled to the international terminal. So near yet so far.

The crowded interior of the apron bus.

The good thing about being one of the last to board the apron bus is that I would be one of the first to exit too.

Goodbye PK-AXT, which would continue on to Denpasar-Bali. No wonder it parked at the domestic Terminal 2F.

Disembarking from the apron bus.

Heading into Terminal 2D for arrival immigration and customs.

As there are limited international flights into Terminal 2 since most international airlines have already moved to Terminal 3, immigration was empty and I got through it in less than a minute.

The empty baggage reclaim area of Terminal 2D.

Heading out of the terminal after a quick hitch-free customs x-ray scan as usual.

The arrival board of Terminal 2, with most arrivals from domestic destinations.

The 25-minute delay is also reflected on the arrival board.

From here, I caught the Skytrain to head to the Airport Railway Station to get into the city.

Overall, another good flight with Indonesia AirAsia with friendly crew and delicious value-for-money meals. But of course, the focus for this tirip isn’t for the flight, but the MRT Jakarta. Stay tuned.

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