Japanese High Speed Rail Shinkansen Exhibition

A high speed rail exhibition was held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on 23-24 January 2015 by a consortium of 5 Japanese railway companies to promote the Shinkansen for the Singapore – Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail project. The main focus on this exhibition was on the E5 and E7 Series Shinkansen.

Information panels and clips are available for public viewing, with E5-themed 3D glasses to enjoy the clips fully.

Scale models are also on display.

For those who have not experienced a ride on the Shinkansen before, virtual reality headsets are available to experience a ride at 320km/h.

For the hands-on crowd, papercraft was also available for free.

The Japanese National Tourism Organisation was also there to promote Japan as a holiday destination of choice.

A Plarail layout and shop was also available, concentrating on E5-themed souvenirs.

A suitable background and placard was also available for you to take a souvenir photo.

Free gifts were available to children under 12 for completing all the stamps in a souvenir card.

Quizzes were also held for children to win exclusive E5-themed merchandise such as chopsticks, towels, toothbrushes and many more.

Kato and nanoblock were also on display, but unfortunately not for sale.

A rerailer was used on that day for quick loading onto the tracks in case of any derailment or cleaning after any loss of contact with the track.

The highlight of the exhibition had to be the E5 simulator drive. You could register for a 15-minute timeslot for a sample drive on the E5 Series Shinkansen with an actual staff beside you guiding you along the way.

A simple, yet actual layout of the E5 cab, with information in English instead.

It was a fantastic event by JETRO, although the second day was mainly for children. Hopefully, there will be more exhibitions to come during the bidding period towards the end of this year.

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