Flight Review: Jetstar Asia 3K201 from Singapore to Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3) by Airbus A320-200

Jetstar Asia is a Singapore-based low-cost airline, a subsidiary of Australia’s Qantas. As I bought my ticket during a rare free seats sale, here I am trying out Jetstar Asia to Jakarta rather than hopping on my typical AirAsia flights. While pretty early, Jetstar Asia Airways 3K201 gets me into Jakarta for a rather full weekend this time, allowing me to maximise my time in the capital city of Indonesia.

Check-in for Jetstar Asia is at Row 8, equipped with the FAST Check-In system.

Seems like both Jetstar Asia and Qantas uses the FAST Check-In system now, with the latter blanked out as there are no current departures.

Hmm, not sure why I had to select my flight despite my passport being scanned and PNR already keyed in. Could I select a flight to Hong Kong or Phnom Penh and go there for free?

Printing my boarding pass from the FAST Check-In kiosk.

My boarding pass for my Jetstar Asia 3K201 flight from Singapore to Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3).

After going through immigration, I headed to Gate D37 for boarding. Looks like there’s a slow queue as only 1 security checkpoint is in operation for all passengers.

This flight is codeshared with Jet Airways 9W4563, Emirates EK7766 and Qantas QF5201. Too bad for those from full-service airlines coming onto Jetstar for this leg.

The Airbus A320 looks rather small at a regular non-MARS gate.

9V-JSH is on duty for my flight to Jakarta today, with an exterior ad for 99.co, a Singapore Property Site, but in Bahasa Indonesia.

Heading straight into the aircraft as it was ready for boarding.

Heading down the aerobridge.

And… I got stuck here. Guess boarding was called too fast or there were uncooperative people who didn’t heed the row numbers being called and held up the queue.

Boarding felt a little bit formal with the professional greeting, checking of boarding pass and pressed uniform. There was even a Japanese crew member on board.

The interior of Jetstar Asia’s 14 year old plane.

The rather tight legroom on the older padded seats on Jetstar Asia’s A320.

As I got an aisle seat this time with no window views and an expensive buy-on-board menu, I have nothing much to show you for this trip. But it’s a short hop to Jakarta anyway, and with a free seat, I can’t complain.

The toilet on board was kept rather clean.

Both tissues and paper towels were offered in the toilet too, something which I find it to be a good benchmark of an airline.

Perhaps purchasing an exit row seat would be good if you are flying further than Jakarta.

Disembarking from the aircraft via the aerobridge.

The aircraft parked at the narrowbody-end of the terminal, requiring a long walk to immigration.

Heading into the terminal building via the aerobridge.

Heading downstairs to the arrivals level and passageway to immigration.

Bracing myself for the long walk to immigration.

As I approached the left turn to the main length of the terminal, I remembered a free buggy service provided, so I headed there instead.

Hmm, no buggy in sight, but the signs were all up, so I opted just to wait there instead and try out the service since I had time with the early arrival into Jakarta.

If it’s free, why not try it.

The “Golfcar Shuttle” arrived after about 5 minutes of waiting.

Once the buggy reversed into place, the driver called for boarding. Each buggy seats 7 people.

Once the buggy filled up, which didn’t take very long, the driver came back and drove to immigration.

Looks like there are two buggies in operation on the day of my usage.

I feel like a VIP by using this free service. In comparison, the buggy at Singapore Changi Airport charges S$115 per package. Also, despite the 5-minute wait where a bulk of passengers just continued walking to immigration instead, my buggy overtook almost everyone in due course.

Arriving at immigration, after overtaking most of the passengers on my flight.

The buggy stops just before immigration beside the LED screen wall.

As I got there ahead of most walkers, the queue for immigration was rather clear and I was done in less than 5 minutes.

Heading straight out of the arrival belt area since I had no check-in bags.

After a breeze through customs, I was out back in Jakarta.

From here, I got onto the Skytrain to the Railink station to start my train journeys in Jakarta.

Overall, Jetstar Asia was a reasonably good no-frills flight for this short hop from Singapore to Jakarta. While the flight duration was sold at 1 hour and 50 minutes, the actual flight time was just 1 hour and 14 minutes which didn’t make the crammed seat feel too bad. Having no meals wasn’t too bad too since I had a quick breakfast at the airport before boarding. If fares remain competitive, I wound consider flying Jetstar Asia again to Jakarta for their easier access to Terminal 1 in Changi Airport and to use the modern Terminal 3 in Jakarta.


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