Jakarta SHIA Skytrain from Terminal 3 to Airport Railway Station by Train

Heading to catch the Railink into the city after getting off my Jetstar Asia 3K201 flight from Singapore, I needed to get on the Skytrain as the Airport Railway Station is separated from the rest of the airport terminals. The access to the Skytrain is just in front of the arrival door at Terminal 3, so it was a convenient way to get to the train.

Heading into the Skytrain station.

The island platform of Terminal 3 Skytrain Station.

Thankfully, it was a short wait for me this time with just 3 minutes till the next train. Both tracks were also in use.

The Skytrain arrived on time with a full load of passengers.

The interior of the crowded Skytrain towards Terminal 2, Airport Railway Station and Terminal 1.

The Skytrain is still manually driven on a bi-directional single track.

Heading on to Terminal 2.

Seems like the points have almost never been used before.

The rapid expansion of the international narrowbody pier at Terminal 3.

The Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 operated by Garuda Indonesia dwarfed by the Garuda Indonesia flagship Boeing 777-300ER.

Approaching Terminal 2.

Seems like the Terminal 2 linkbridge is almost done.

Heading on to the Airport Railway Station.

The journey from Terminal 3 to Airport Railway Station took 8 minutes.

From here, I took the linkway on the ground floor to get to the Railink station to begin my journey into the city.

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