Limited Express Kamui 30 from Asahikawa to Sapporo by Train

Limited Express Kamui 30 from Asahikawa to Sapporo

Limited Express Kamui together with Limited Express Lilac are the backbone limited express trains running frequent services on the Asahikawa-Sapporo route. Done with my loop around Takikawa, Furano, Biei, and Asahikawa, I headed back to Sapporo with my JR Hokkaido Sapporo-Furano Area Pass with Limited Express Kamui 30 from Asahikawa to Sapporo.

Asahikawa Station

The façade of Asahikawa Station.

Asahikawa is a main junction station hub for the Hakodate Main Line, Sōya Main Line, Sekihoku Main Line, and Furano Line, so the station footprint is quite big and facilities are quite comprehensive as well.

Heading in through the west gates.

The next train to Sapporo would be the Limited Express Kamui 30 at 3pm.

Heading up the escalator to the concourse.

The Limited Express Kamui 30 would be departing from Platform 4.

Heading up to Platform 4.

789-1000 series

The 789-1000 series EMU operating on the Limited Express Kamui 30.

The layout of the train cars and corresponding waiting door numbers are indicated on the information screen at the platform.

Ordinary Reserved Seat (U Seat)

The Limited Express Kamui does not offer a Green Car. However, the Ordinary Reserved Seat car has a better U Seat with headrests and charging sockets.

Luggage racks are also available by the doors.

Ordinary Non-Reserved Seat

With my JR Hokkaido Sapporo-Furano Area Pass, I went to the Non-Reserved Seat cars. Notably, there is only 1 reserved seat car on the Limited Express Kamui, but 4 non-reserved seat cars available.

The legroom on board Limited Express Kamui in a Non-Reserved Seat. The seat type is largely similar to the Limited Express Lilac, except with a different colour.

A tray table is provided at the seat back.

My Limited Express Kamui 30 departed from Asahikawa on time at 3pm.

Heading through Asahikawa city.

Crossing the Ishikari River.

The conductor made his rounds to check for tickets and to mark where each person in each Non-Reserved Seat was heading to on her piece of paper, KTM style. When it came to my turn, he asked me where I was alighting in Japanese, before writing it down on his piece of paper and continuing on with his day.

Fukagawa Station

Making a brief stop at Fukagawa Station.

The Rumoi Line splits off after Fukagawa Station.

Catching the sunset along the way. Days are short in Hokkaido especially during winter.

Approaching Takikawa Station.

Takikawa Station

Making a brief stop at Takikawa Station.

KiHa 40 DMUs in various liveries stabling at Takikawa Station.

A 721 series EMU arriving at Takikawa Station.

A western-style sitting toilet is available on board the Limited Express Kamui.

A mens’ urinal toilet is also available within a compact space.

There is also a general room with a wash basin and space for changing.

Sunagawa Station

Making a brief stop at Sunagawa Station.

Bibai Station

Making a brief stop at Bibai Station.

Getting dark in Hokkaido at 4pm.

Iwamizawa Station

Making a brief stop at Iwamizawa Station.

Passing by the Mihara Bridge, which reminded me a little bit of the Fife Circle Line in Scotland when passing by the Queensferry Crossing.

Another nice sunset along the way.

Approaching the Chitose Line.

Crossing over the Toyohira River.

Passing by Naebo Depot.

Approaching Sapporo Station.

Sapporo Station

My Limited Express Kamui 30 arrived at Sapporo Station on time at 4.25pm beside an Ozora.

Looking back at my Non-Reserved Seat car.

The Kamui 789-1000 series EMU at Sapporo Station.

The Kamui 789-1000 series EMU beside the KiHa 261 series DMU.

Heading down to the concourse.

Exiting through the ticket gates.

The façade of Sapporo Station after sunset at around 4.30pm.


The Limited Express Kamui 30 was a quick and efficient train ride from Asahikawa to Sapporo. Do note that Limited Express Kamui does not have a Green Car with premium seats if you are travelling on the Japan Rail Green Pass between Sapporo and Asahikawa. However, if you are on an ordinary Japan Rail Pass, the reserved seat on Kamui is better than Lilac.


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