JR Hokkaido Limited Express Ozora 3 from Sapporo to Shin-Sapporo by Train

Limited Express Ozora 3 from Sapporo to Shin-Sapporo

The Limited Express Ozora is a limited express train operating between Sapporo and Kushiro. On this morning, the schedule of Limited Express Ozora 3 fits me after a short round of morning trainspotting in Sapporo Station and to travel to Shin-Sapporo Station for my visit to Historical Village of Hokkaido. With my JR Hokkaido Sapporo-Furano Area Pass, I need not worry about any additional Limited Express fees as they are all covered within the valid travel area.


Sapporo Station

The façade of Sapporo Station.

Heading through the ticket gates in the opposite direction of the morning peak hour crowd.

The Limited Express Ozora 3 would be departing from Platform 7.

Heading up to Platform 7.

KiHa 261 series DMU

The KiHa 261 series DMU in new livery operating on the Limited Express Ozora 3.

Non-Reserved Seat

Heading to the Non-Reserved Seat cars with my JR Hokkaido Sapporo-Furano Area Pass.

The Non-Reserved Seat cars on board the Limited Express Ozora KiHa 261 series DMUs features upgraded seats, similar to the U Seats on board the Limited Express Kamui and Limited Express Okhotsk.

The legroom available in the Non-Reserved Seats on board the Limited Express Ozora KiHa 261 series DMU.

A bottle holder and power socket are located on the bottom of the seat back in front.

A tray table, coat hook, and ticket holder is provided at the seat back.

Departing from Sapporo Station on time at 8.52am.

Racing beside a 721 series EMU, and quickly won.

Passing through Naebo Station.

Passing by Naebo Depot.

Crossing over the Toyohira River.

Disembarking from the Limited Express Ozora 3 at Shin-Sapporo. The Limited Express Ozora short ride from Sapporo to Shin-Sapporo took just 7 minutes.

Stops at stations are brief for limited express trains.

Heading down to exit the station.

Exiting Shin-Sapporo Station through the ticket gates.

Shin-Sapporo Station is a small, narrow station between 2 buildings.

From here, I followed the signs to the bus terminal to catch the JR Hokkaido Bus 新22 to the Historical Village of Hokkaido.

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