Hotel Review: Karibia Boutique Hotel • Premium Boutique Hotel near Medan Railway Station

Karibia Boutique Hotel is another new hotel near Medan Railway Station. While the price is a little bit on the premium side, I had saved a bit by staying at Kama Hotel the night before, so I had a little bit more budget this time to splurge on a hotel for this last night in Medan.

The hotel is located on the busier Centre Point side of Medan Railway Station, so it was a little bit easier to walk there than Kama Hotel.

The main entrance of Karibia Boutique Hotel.

The hotel seems to have been designed like a cruise ship.

Heading into the hotel for check-in.

The front desk of Karibia Boutique Hotel. While I booked online through agoda, payment was made here in cash rather than directly online due to the booking terms for a cheaper rate.

Karibia Boutique Hotel also offers a free shuttle service to Durian Adventure, Selat Panjang, Merdeka Walk and the Railink Station. Interesting, perhaps I would try it out for my departure to the Railink station.

I booked the Deluxe Room through agoda for this stay.

What a difference in atmosphere as compared to my usual budget hotels.

A flat screen TV with international channels including CNA is available.

The side table has coffee and tea making facilities.

Another side table comes with a fancy chair.

The toilet is rather spacious as well, with the sink area running across the full length of the toilet.

A spacious separate toilet and shower is available.

The towel rack and entrance to the shower is behind the toilet door.

A glass panel prevents the water from spraying everywhere in the toilet, creating a clear wet and dry area.

As it’s a bit hard to manouvre the camera inside of the toilet to have a clear explanation of how it’s laid out, here’s a reflection of the shower area through the mirror.

Toiletries are placed on a plate beside the sink.

2 bottles of Karibia-branded mineral water are also placed in the room.

As my room came without breakfast (but I didn’t need it anyway with my early morning departure from Medan), I have no pictures of it.

After checking-out of the hotel at about 6.40am the next day to head back to Singapore, I asked if the free shuttle to the Railink station was available, and a car was activated for me immediately. What wonderful service.

Feeling like a VIP on this on-demand shuttle car.

Passing by the Medan locomotive depot.

Crossing over the railway tracks to the Railink departure side of the station.

Arriving at Medan City Railink Station in style.

Overall, it was an excellent stay at Karibia Boutique Hotel, and the Rp.600,000 (~S$57.09) I paid felt pretty worth it for the quality and location of the hotel. If I were to be back in Medan again, this might be a hotel that I might consider staying at again for a short stay.

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