KA Sri Lelawangsa U78: Medan to Binjai by Train (Feeder Putri Deli)

As I had some free time in the afternoon in Medan after arriving from Siantar, it’s time for another joyride on the Sri Lelawangsa to Binjai. This time, I didn’t really do much calculations to get the Bisnis Class rake again, but opted to just catch any rake that was going to Binjai according to my free time.

Purchasing my Sri Lelawangsa ticket from Counter 1 of Medan Railway Station.

My ticket for the KA Sri Lelawangsa U78 joyride from Medan to Binjai.

Heading for ticket checking and to the platform.

As announcements haven’t been made for passengers to board (not sure if the station was still unsure of which rake to use for the next pair of trains), passengers waited outside the empty Ekonomi coaches at Platform 1. Hmm, I wonder if there will be a last-minute upgrade to Bisnis class.

Heading to a less crowded part of the platform, to no avail.

As I reached the end of the platform, the Bisnis class Sri Lelawangsa train pulled in. Following the arrival announcement, the station staff announced that the Sri Lelawangsa to Binjai was ready for boarding at Platform 1.

Oh well, no free upgrade this time.

The interior of the Ekonomi class Sri Lelawangsa train made up of an idle Putri Deli rake. Binjai locals are heading home this Sunday evening.

As there wasn’t much space left in the coach, I stood on the borders for this journey.

An incoming BB302 going to couple with this Ekonomi class rake to Binjai.

BB 302 70 04 would be taking my train to Binjai this evening.

Not sure where this empty Bisnis class train is heading to.

Once coupled, the Sri Lelawangsa train was ready to depart.

Departing from Medan Railway Station.

Crossing the busy Jl. KL Yos Sudarso.

Crossing the Deli River.

Here, I learnt my lesson about standing on the borders facing the locomotive. As the locomotive ran long hood forward to Binjai, the horn was facing right into the borders rather than directly in front of the train. As such, each horn every half a minute was rather blaring to the ears.

Never again would I stand here.

Heading on the straight railway line past local houses.

Passing by the disused Sunggal Railway Station along the way to Binjai.

Nearing Binjai, more agriculture scenery is seen.

Approaching civilisation again.

Entering Binjai Railway Station.

Uh oh, this looks like a disaster for my journey back.

The KA Sri Lelawangsa U78 at Binjai Railway Station.

I got off the train feeling as if I just got out of a Clarke Quay club with lots of people jostling around a super noisy area.

Passengers clamouring onto the train to hopefully secure a seat to Medan.

Decoupling from the rake to round around to form the train back to Medan.

It was tough to head out of the station with the crowd to Medan blocking the way.

A PT KAI staff struggling to keep passengers off the train while Binjai-bound passengers are still alighting.

Once out, I quickly bought a ticket to head back to Medan to hopefully find a spot in the train, just in case the next train gets even more crowded.

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