KLIA Ekspres: KL Sentral to KLIA by Train

I’ve got a ridiculously cheap Business Class ticket on Malindo Air for my Kuala Lumpur – Singapore flight, so to complete the Business Class experience with an in-town check-in at the Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal (KL CAT) at KL Sentral, I decided to use the KLIA Ekspres to KLIA instead of getting the Airport Coach. Also, this would be the first time since the fare increase to RM55 since 1 January 2016 that I’m riding the KLIA Ekspres.

Instead of buying tickets over the counter for RM55, I got mine at the self-service kiosk for a 10% discount of RM49.50. But of course, with every overseas transaction, there’s a separate exchange rate and/or fee incurred, so let me give you the breakdown, using the Malaysian Ringgit as a base.

Fare from counter: RM55
Fare from kiosk: RM49.50
Fare which POSB charged me: $16.27
Fare if I took $16.27 in cash multiplied by the money changer exchange rate: $16.27 x 3.11 = RM50.60

Total savings: RM4.40 (8%)

Result: Still worth it, as compared to a RM55 cash transaction.

Buying tickets from the kiosk, however, gives you a receipt-like flimsy ticket with a QR code to scan at the gate instead of a contactless card from the counter.

To enter the in-town check-in area, scan your ticket at the gate.

Das right.

To exit the in-town check-in area, scan your ticket at the gate again.

My boarding pass for my Malindo Business Class flight back to Singapore.

A “lounge pass” which is described as a meal voucher instead, giving access to lounges such as the KLIA Premier Access Lounge, Sama-Sama Express Lounge or the all-time favourite Old Town White Coffee if lounges are too mainstream.

Heading for boarding at KL Sentral.

Scan the same ticket at the gates to the platform.

Not sure if ERL wishes to adopt “On time. Every time.” as their new slogan. We all know what happened to the initial company with the same tagline.

Waiting for the KLIA Ekspres to arrive at the air-conditioned platform.

Inside the KLIA Ekspres train.

The non-air-conditioned KLIA Transit platforms on the other side.

Departing KL Sentral.

Bye KTM Komuter.

Passing by Midvalley.

Passing by TBS, the usual place to get a bus back to Singapore.

Splitting from the KTM tracks after Serdang.

Putrajaya/Cyberjaya station.

My first look at the new KLIA Transit trainset manufactured by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Company Limited (CRRC Changchun). A total of 2 KLIA Ekspres and 4 KLIA Transit trainsets were ordered. These sets were delivered in 2016 and will be in service in March 2017.

*checks calendar*

Oh, it’s August 2017 already?

3 other sets of the new CRRC Changchun KLIA Transit trains are also seen stabling in the depot, which means all 4 sets are on the track already. Wonder when will they actually start operations.

Arriving at KLIA.

Looking at the former KLIA Transit platforms, now no longer in operation with the extension to klia2.

Arrived at KLIA, with the train continuing onwards to klia2. Though there are two parallel lines to klia2, the section is operated as two separate bi-directional single tracks, with KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit trains each operating on their own track.

Look out for the train service and direction at the KLIA island platform.

From here, it’s a long wait but a short lift ride up to the departures level on the fifth floor.

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