Senandung Wau 29dn: Tumpat to KL Sentral by Express Train in Event Coach (20 December 2011)

Senandung Wau 29dn from Tumpat to KL Sentral

The Senandung Wau 29dn was a named KTM Intercity overnight express train from Tumpat to KL Sentral. With the Malayan Tiger Train (MTT) launching trip, KTM Berhad provided a trip to return back to either the southern or central sectors. I wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur after the trip, instead of returning back to Singapore, so I was provided with a ride on board Senandung Wau 29dn to KL Sentral.

24120 Seri Lanang leads the Senandung Wau 29dn from Tumpat to KL Sentral.

The Senandung Wau 29dn was formed of 1 Event Coach to be sent back to KL Sentral Depot after being detached from the Malayan Tiger Train 1018up, 1 ADNS reserved for Malayan Tiger Train launching guests, 1 ADNFB, 4 ADNS, 2 ASC (Hartasuma), 1 ABC, and 4 AEC.

The roadside station sign of Tumpat Railway Station.

There was a food stall set up in the waiting area of Tumpat Railway Station.

The ticket counter of Tumpat Railway Station.

The timetable of trains at Tumpat Railway Station. The Senandung Wau 29dn was scheduled to depart at 6.45pm.

Refurbished ADNFB

Attached to the rake of Senandung Wau 29dn was a then-recently refurbished ADNFB or Air-conditioned Day/Night First Berth. This can be easily identified with the beige colour theme in the compartment, instead of the usual red.

The accompanied seat still bears the ADNFB red colour, and the scratches on the combined sink and side table also reveal the old red colour.

The fan has been replaced with a new plastic fan, compared to the old metal one.

The television had been removed, and with the fan now connected to a separate power socket, there are 2 3-pin power sockets for the ADNFB compartment passengers to use.

Crossing at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station

The Senandung Wau 29dn crossed with the Ekspres Senaran Timur 14up at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

The rest of the Malayan Tiger Train (MTT) launching trip participants board the Senandung Wau 29dn here at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station. An additional ADNS was reserved for trip participants.

Event Coach

There was an issue with the air-conditioning in the reserved ADNS for MTT launching trip participants, but it was not much of an issue *yet* as dinner and karaoke in the Event Coach came first.

I did make it a point to not miss the brief stop at Pasir Mas Railway Station in order to see the line split off towards Rantau Panjang.

Passing over the point leading to the disused railway line towards Rantau Panjang and Sungai Golok in Thailand.

Karaoke in Event Coach

Following dinner, the karaoke session with KTM staff went on through the night.

Thankfully the ABC was active so getting drinks throughout the night wasn’t an issue.

However, the air-conditioning in the reserved ADNS was, and so I decided to move myself to the event Coach for the night.

Regulating at Kuala Lipis Railway Station

The Senandung Wau 29dn made a longer stop at Kuala Lipis Railway Station to regulate with the timetable. And since I wasn’t sleeping well yet, I headed down to the platform for some pictures.

Looking at the special 2 coaches for this Senandung Wau 29dn at the front of the train.

There was some sizzling sounds outside Kuala Lipis Railway Station, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out what it was.

And so I ordered myself a freshly grilled Ramly Burger for supper. Easy decision.

The next morning, I woke up to a smooth ride on the elevated section at Sungai Gadut Railway Station.

Passing an arriving 83 Class EMU at Sungai Gadut Railway Station.

I wonder if this view of a long KTM Intercity train on electrified double-track sectors in Malaysia is ever  possible again.

Arriving at KL Sentral

I forgot to take pictures of the arrival at Sentral Kuala Lumpur Railway Station (KL Sentral), but here’s a badly taken one of the opposing Ekspres Sinaran Selatan 13dn with a Mountain Dew ad on an ASC, which was a big deal to spot during that time.


Overall, surprisingly a pleasant ride in the Event Coach, with a wider legroom on the original seat pitch of 13 rows in an ASC, instead of the current 15. Having 2 seats to myself worked better since I could recline and have a pseudo-pillow by my side using the other non-reclined seat. The good air-conditioning in the Event Coach also made it a much pleasant place to be in for the night.

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