Lounge Review – Saphire Lounge Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 2F: Cheap Airport Lounge Including Full Indonesian Buffet, Drinks, and Shower Room

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 001

The Saphire Lounge at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 2F is the only airport departure transit lounge for passengers using this terminal. As such, if you have a lounge membership of sorts, or flying Business Class out of Terminal 2F, you’ll probably be sent to this lounge. This time however, in order not to use my Priority Pass entries since it was limited and expired already anyway for this year, I opted to pay for entry in cash, which was at a very reasonable rate of Rp.150,000 (~S$13.43).

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 002

On first entry into the Saphire Lounge, I was greeted by the hot buffet line.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 003

There are two buffet lines in the food area, one main one for hot food, drinks and salads, and another for noodles, pastries and dessert.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 007

The side line for cold drinks and a DIY salad bar.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 008

There is also a small hot dessert counter.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 004

The interior of the Saphire Lounge lounging area.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 005

There is sufficient walking space within the Saphire Lounge.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 006

Seats are also placed spaced apart, with power sockets between each seat.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 009

As it was dinner time and with no meals purchased for my upcoming Scoot flight, I had my dinner from the buffet. There was Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, a fried minced chicken dish and a curry chicken and vegetables dish. There were other cooked vegetable dishes but I didn’t pick it.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 010

From the cold counter, I had a plain vegetable sandwich and some cakes and pastries.

There are cold cordial drinks of blackcurrant and orange, as well as hot coffee and tea. A water dispenser and bottled Aqua mineral water is also available.

No pork or alcohol is in sight, and with Muslim staff all around, this is probably a safe airport lounge for Muslims.

Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 011Saphire Lounge CGK Terminal 2F 012

There was also surprisingly a nice shower room attached in the toilet. However, towels and soap aren’t provided in the shower, so bring your own. (Or you can use those hand soaps by the sink if you don’t mind it.)

Overall, I would say that the food provided in the Saphire Lounge overall is not the best, but is definitely enough to sustain you for a meal. After all, the entrance fee of only Rp.150,000 (~S$13.43) is just a little bit more than the price of an airport meal, or perhaps lesser actually if you opt for premium restaurants, so I guess the overall value for the separate lounging area from the rest of the passengers in the airport is quite reasonable. Still cheaper than a pre-booked Scoot meal at S$17.

However, I wouldn’t burn a Priority Pass entry on it if I don’t have an unlimited pass though.

From here, I headed to board my Scoot TR279 flight back to Singapore.

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