Flight Review: Scoot TR279 from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 2F) to Singapore by Airbus A320-200

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 001

Scoot TR279 is the last daily Scoot flight of the day from Jakarta to Singapore departing at 8pm. Flying back to Singapore on a Sunday evening, Scoot surprisingly offered lower fares than all other airlines, and as I such, I flew back to Singapore on Scoot again, which had resulted in my AirAsia document check at Changi Airport Terminal 4 when I flew down to Jakarta since I was on two one-way tickets.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 002

Heading through security to the check-in counters. Scoot does not offer an online check-in for flights out of Jakarta.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 003

Scoot’s check-in counters at Terminal 2F are located at Counters 90-92. Check in counters in Jakarta opens 2.5 hours before scheduled departure for and close 60 minutes before scheduled departure with no exceptions.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 004

The screen showing the check-in for my Scoot TR279 flight to Singapore.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 005

My boarding pass for my Scoot TR279 flight from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 2F) to Singapore.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 006

Heading to immigration.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 007

Once in the transit area after immigration, I headed over to the Saphire Lounge to have my dinner and lounge around first since I had almost 2 hours to wait for my flight.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 008

I left the Saphire Lounge about 1 hour before departure time and proceeded for security clearance into the gate area.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 009

My Gate F1 was just right at the security screening area.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 010

Heading down the pier to the gate at last call. Wonder what was the rush.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 011

I was rushed for boarding by the ground crew 40 minutes before departure, 2 of which wanted to check my boarding pass and 1 of the 2 told me to go to him to get my boarding pass checked when I was already getting my boarding pass checked by the other guy at the counter. For some strange reason, the guy at the counter returned me my passport and boarding pass in full after checking, and told me to give it to the other guy standing around the gate hold room rushing me to give it to him for checking.


Upon reaching the door to the aerobridge, the guy wanted to tear my boarding pass too, but the staff behind shouted that he had already torn mine.

Argh, why can’t they settle once and for all who is supposed to check the boarding passes.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 012Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 013

Heading down the empty aerobridge. I felt like I was the last person to board or something.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 014

The legroom of Scoot’s Airbus A320-200.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 015

The view of the aircraft from my seat. Seems like a pretty full flight. There would be still another 15 minutes of waiting for all other passengers to board, and a long taxi to the runway.

To Scoot’s credit, the flight indeed took off at 8.00pm sharp.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 016Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 017Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 018

The clean toilet on board. Unfortunately I don’t have any more pictures to share since I was in an aisle seat with no purchased frills, and I had already had my dinner at the Saphire Lounge.

The flight landed in Singapore at 10.20pm – 40 minutes ahead of schedule.

It was a quick taxi to the stand, however, my heart sank when I was peeking out of the plane window when the aircraft parked.

Why, you may ask?

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 019

Heading down to the apron bus.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 020

The interior of the apron bus.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 021

As I was on the third and last bus since I was seated reasonably far back, I had to wait for all remaining passengers to come on board.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 022

I had boarded the bus at 8.35pm, 15 minutes after touch down.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 023

The bun finally departed at about 8.40pm, leaving behind 9V-TAO “Sunny Side Up” on the remote stand.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 024

Passing by the middle part of Terminal 1 and Changi Airport as a whole.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 025

Passing by the C Pier.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 026

Arrived at Terminal 1 Immigration Hall C. After a walkthrough temperature check by thermoscanners, the immigration hall was just ahead.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 027

Heading through the duty-free shops.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 028

As I had no bags to pick up from the belts, I could walk straight out.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 029

Heading out of the baggage reclaim area through customs.

Scoot TR279 CGK SIN 030

Here, I headed down to the arrival pick-up point to catch my Grab back home.

Overall, a pleasant and fuss-free flight on Scoot, thus marking the end of my non-essential travels during this COVID-19 period.

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