Lounge Review: SASCO Orchid Lounge Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport • A Basic Lounge For A Comfortable Layover, But Not Really Worth Your Money

SASCO Orchid Lounge 001

As I had almost 3 hours to wait in Tan Son Nhat International Airport between arriving from Seoul and departing to Singapore, I decided to spend my transit time in a lounge instead of walking around the airport (which would take just 5 minutes end to end). Using my Priority Pass app, I found that there was only one lounge available in the international terminal of Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which was the SASCO Orchid Lounge.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 002

The entrance to the Orchid Lounge is a bit hidden. The sliding door wasn’t that obvious too, despite the signs near it. They could have done better with putting an arrow on the signs.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 003

Heading down the stairs to the Orchid Lounge.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 004

The overall view of the Orchid Lounge from the stairs.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 005

Queuing up to check-in to the Orchid Lounge. After a quick scan of my Priority Pass digital card, I was in.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 030

How the Orchid Lounge looks like when walking in. Not too big of an area.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 006

The main buffet line is just by the front deck. I’m surprised there is a microwave on the buffet line.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 007

The western breads section had bread rolls and sliced white bread, along with sausages and cheese. There is also a very very small Japanese selection of sushi.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 008

Perhaps the most popular part of the buffet line is the Vietnamese section. There was Phở Bò or beef noodle soup, which I didn’t try. Some people around did mumble that it wasn’t very good anyway. There are also fried spring rolls which, despite not being very nice and hot, could be said to be the best dish in the lounge.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 009

On the front, there is a porridge and rice section with preserved dishes. A fried generic oriental noodle was also available, comparable to a good Tekong breakfast, and some Teriyaki Chicken.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 010

A variety of fresh cut fruits with chilli and salt.

The buffet meal options was just alright, enough to fill me up. The food were lukewarm at best, some cold. Perhaps that was what the microwave was there for?

I didn’t take any pictures of my food, but I think it’s better if it stays this way than for you to see the food.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 011

The drinks selection did make the visit a bit more worthwhile though. Canned drinks including beer are available in the fridges on the side.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 012

On the main counter, there is a Nescafe machine (it’s hard to go wrong with it), a Vietnamese coffee, a variety of tea bags, and thankfully some wine too. On top of bottled water, they also have lemon-and-lemongrass infused water which was very refreshing.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 013

After the lounge started to get less crowded with all the Singapore flights departing except for mine, I picked myself a window seat for some planespotting to while away the time while having a wine and some desserts.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 014

The view from the lounge offered a nice view of the runway though the airport tinted windows weren’t much of a help for photography.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 016SASCO Orchid Lounge 015

Oh, hello VN-A890. Where are you going? To a gate?

SASCO Orchid Lounge 017

The VASCO logo looks suspiciously like half of a Singapore Airlines keris.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 018

A Jetstar Asia Airbus A320 coming in to the gate.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 019

A Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321 touching down.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 020

A VietJet Air Airbus A320 touching down.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 021

A Scoot Airbus A320 taking off.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 022

A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 taxiing.

Uh… This is getting boring.

A quick non-reliable check on Wikipedia shows that Singapore is the number one international destination out of Tan Son Nhat International Airport in terms of frequency. 🤦 *facepalm*

SASCO Orchid Lounge 023

A Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321 taking off.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 024

A Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321neo touching down. Ah, at least this is a little bit special with the “1st A321neo” livery.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 025

A Jetstar Pacific Airbus A320 taxiing.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 026SASCO Orchid Lounge 027

Asian Jetstar siblings at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 028

Malindo? Ok this is getting really boring now.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 029

A Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350 in SkyTeam Livery taxiing.

Not a really fruitful overall planespotting session here.

SASCO Orchid Lounge 031

About 40 minutes to departure, I left the Orchid Lounge to head to my gate for boarding.

Overall, considering that I didn’t pay using real money but using my Priority Pass allowance, it was a reasonable stay in the SASCO Orchid Lounge to while away my transit time and to get some complimentary food and drinks.

However, if I were to have paid with money for the lounge, which I think costs US$30 at the counter, I don’t think it would be worth it at all as the lounging chairs and tables were rather simple at the dining area, and the lounging sofas were pretty crammed with minimal power sockets and no private area. Furthermore, the food quality was meh at best. Showers were also not available, and the toilet was rather basic too.

I would say that if you have a lounge pass with a quota to clear, or have a long layover, use it. If you choose not to visit the SASCO Orchid Lounge, you won’t be losing anything anyway.

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