Lounge Review: Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (Concourse D) – Lots of Seating with Sufficient Food Options

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D is the largest airline lounge on the airside at 2,410 sq.m. accommodating 314 passengers. If you’re flying on Business Class with Thai Airways, this is the main lounge that you will end up at with it located just after immigration on the central Concourse D.

With a bulk of the users of this lounge from Business Class (First Class passengers have a separate Royal First Lounge), and there’s actually another Royal Orchid Lounge at Concourse E for passengers with flights departing from the other end of the terminal, this is a rather spacious and comfortable lounge to sit around and wait for your flight in.

Disclaimer: This lounge visit was hosted by Thai Airways, however, opinions in this article are entirely my own.

As I wasn’t a Business Class passenger (Ha.), I entered the Royal Silk Lounge via the standard path from the transit area rather than the dedicated Royal First and Royal Silk channel from the departure driveway. Nevertheless, there’s a counter to check me in here.

After a scan of my boarding pass, a WiFi slip was printed with a QR code to access the internet and I was checked in to the Royal Silk Lounge.

Heading into the Thai Royal Silk Lounge.

The corridor to the lounge area has some private rooms.

The rather spacious seating area.

The seating area is unofficially split into three sections in the long-ish lounge, which makes it great for lots of seating options without too much crowd all around you.

The toilet is pretty spacious as well.

Quite a majestic toilet bowl to sit on.

Magazines and newspapers are available on the rack by the center part of the Royal Silk Lounge.

In case you need a work space without a laptop, you can head over to the internet area, which looks a little like public computer labs in schools and libraries.

6 such cubicles are available for you to work on.

This cubicle might also be nice for a quiet nap if the lounge area gets too crowded or bright, just like when you were a student.

Something not seen too often these, days, two telephone booths are available too.

These are rather quiet and comfortable to be in too, should you need to make any calls. However, this might be awkward to spend a long time in (eg. sleeping) with the see-through glass door.

A nice table and chair is provided for you to use the landline, along with a table lamp. Classy.

Kids aren’t forgotten in the Royal Silk Lounge too, with a separate play room for them.

They play room is filled with wooden toys such as these. If you’d like a little less noise in the Royal Silk Lounge, pick a seat away from this room.

As I visited the Royal Silk Lounge during the Christmas season, a special festive selection of food was available. There was roasted turkey, a salmon and spinach pie, and a cake.

Finger food is available at the elevated bar counter, with cold sandwiches and pastries.

There are some pies and steamed buns (salapao) beside the cold finger food section.

A nice selection of hot coffee and tea, as well as a wide range of cold drinks selection of soft drinks, Chang and Heineken beer. Apple and orange juice are also available at a separate counter.

At the hot food counter, the selection was sufficient for a 2-hour stay.

Some braised broccoli with mushrooms and ginkgo nuts.

Kaeng Hang Le, or Northern-style stewed pork curry.

Chicken Briyani.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

Chicken Kebab.

Vegetarian Pizza and Spinach Wrap.

The Royal Silk Lounge also has a Pad Thai station where a staff would plate the Pad Thai for you.

The Royal Silk Lounge Pad Thai. It looks nice on the plate, but was unfortunately served at room temperature.

At the other section nearer to the other end of where I entered the lounge from, there is another pastries and drinks section.

The pastries and bread on offer here seems nicer than the finger food at the main dining area.

Selections at this bakery section include Almond Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, Spinach Danishes, Carbonara Puffs and a Multigrain Sandwich with Chicken.

Overall, the Royal Silk Lounge was spacious and comfortable to wait for my flight in, and while the food quality may not be the best out there, Thai Airways is one airline which you wouldn’t want to get full before the flight, especially when departing from Bangkok, as they’ve won the Best Economy Class Onboard Catering award from Skytrax in 2017 and 2018.

Actual Business Class passengers also get to use the Royal Orchid Spa located just opposite the Royal Silk Lounge, which has also been awarded the World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa, so the experience would definitely be better than this review – nothing like getting a traditional Thai massage in Thailand right before a flight.

Thank you to Thai Airways once again for hosting this lounge visit!

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