Flight Review – Thai Airways TG408: Singapore to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Boeing 777-200

TG408 is the evening flight of Thai Airways departing from Singapore at 6.15pm, arriving into Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at 7.35pm. Unfortunately for me this time, due to the weather conditions in Singapore, this schedule won’t be exactly followed.

Check-in for Thai Airways is at Row 4 of Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Thankfully, the check-in queue wasn’t too long.

My boarding pass for this flight to Bangkok.

I got to the gate earlier than usual since I didn’t need to walk around in the transit area. Unfortunately, this was a pretty full flight and the gate hold room was rather full, so I just waited outside of it before security.

Tracking the plane on Flightradar24, I also saw that it was still holding at Tanjung Sedili for a few loops, so I wasn’t exactly rushing to get in past security.

Once the aircraft finally parked at the gate at about 5.45pm, I headed in. Here’s HS-TJC preparing for the turnaround to Bangkok.

And since there wasn’t any seats left in the gate hold room, I just stood to wait for boarding.

Unfortunately, due to lightning risk, the ground crew couldn’t get the bags of the previous flight out, which means our bags couldn’t get in anyway, so it was yet another delay “till further notice”.

Boarding commenced about half an hour after the scheduled departure.

Heading to board the plane.

The crew greeted everyone cheerfully and checked everyone’s boarding passes at the entrance.

The Economy Class interior of Thai Airways’ Boeing 777-200.

The pretty generous legroom on Economy Class for this short-haul flight, even though this particular aircraft is 22 years old.

The interactive mode was not switched on on the ground, so all I could entertain myself on the aisle seat was this route map.

Headphones were already in the seat pocket.

As I was fiddling around with the remote, I accidentally stumbled upon a camera view channel, so I’ll be on this for now.

Taking off from Changi Airport. The plane took of 63 minutes late thanks to the lightning warning.

As the plane took off, the camera shut off and changed to this screen again. Hmm, I don’t think I’m going to Hong Kong from Japan now.

And for entertainment, I finally had the opportunity to watch Crazy Rich Asians, considering that the bulk of my flights recently have all been low-cost.

And dinner is served. I was pretty hungry by this time, since I thought I could eat dinner an hour ago.

There was a choice of Fried Rice with Chicken or Spicy Prawn with Rice (Tom Yum Koong). Since I’m not a fan of white rice, I picked the chicken option.

The next row onwards had no more Tom Yum Koong available anymore though, and everyone had to eat fried rice. Hmm, maybe I made the wrong choice?

Despite the simple-looking dish, it was actually pretty tasty with enough black pepper sauce to mix with the rice too. No surprise that this is the Skytrax Best Economy Class Onboard Catering.

The toilet was spotless too.

Thai Airways provides Divana Amrita Jasmine Cologne in all toilets, something that I always use a couple of sprays on whenever I fly Thai.

Thankfully, there wasn’t any congestion in Bangkok and it was a quick landing and taxi to the gate. The plane landed 31 minutes off schedule.

Heading to immigration.

To a certain airport who mentioned that installing giant LED screens at arrivals showing advertisements will enhance a passenger’s experience, THIS is how you should use giant LED screens to enhance passengers experiences instead.

Immigration was surprisingly quick with just one person in front of me in the queue, and the bags popped out reasonably fast too, within 10 minutes of waiting.

Overall, it was a reasonably good flight with Thai Airways again, with the only downside (delay) caused by the lightning warning (Force Majeure) which isn’t Thai Airways’ fault. Pretty nice to fly a full service airline once in a while.

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