Majestic Fast Ferry from Batam Centre to Singapore by Ferry

After my journey to Sekupang, I returned back to Singapore with Majestic as well, since return tickets are cheaper than one way, and even when booking online through Easybook, you get a discount when you pick the same operator for your return leg.

View the Singapore – Batam (Indonesia) Ferries Service Guide here.

Batam Centre is connected to Mega Mall Batam Centre by a pedestrian bridge, and is also just a minute away from the Trans Batam halt.

The bridge is accessible from the second floor beside KFC.

No need to jaywalk or walk across the car park to get to the ferry terminal.

The ticket counters are located on the first floor. Present your ticket here to retrieve your boarding pass.

Majestic’s counter is the one right in the middle of the hall.

The boarding pass from Batam Centre.

The passenger departure fee coupon is stapled behind (included in the total fare when purchased online). Make sure you don’t lose this portion or else you will have to pay the fee again.

Looks like I’m getting Majestic’s newest ferry for my return leg – the MV Majestic 9.

The boarding gate is just beside the bridge to Mega Mall. After scanning the boarding pass at the gate, proceed for immigration and security clearance.

The waiting hall of Batam Centre with lots of seats. Two duty free shops are available if you wish to spend your last Rupiahs. The boarding gates seem to be segregated into Malaysia destinations on the left and Singapore destinations on the right.

Once the boarding calls are made, proceed to the departure gate as stated on the boarding pass.

The agent here scans the QR code at the reader and tears the left portion away. Not sure why the double scanning is needed.

The Majestic 9 waiting for departure.

Once again, another agent waits at the boarding pontoon to take the other portion of the boarding pass. Why there is a triple check, I’m not sure.

Boarding the ferry back to Singapore.

The fresh interior of the Majestic 9. The seats are also much more comfortable than the other ferries plying the Singapore – Batam route, and definitely much more than the other regular ferry service plying east of Singapore from Changi to some island.

Even the toilet is clean and over-equipped with an in-built bidet system AND an external water hose.

Departing Batam Centre…

… with heavy rain ahead in Singapore.

The overcast skyline of Singapore as seen from the ferry.

Returning back to the southernmost point (of what?).

Passing another Majestic ferry of the WaveMaster series.

Passing Beach Station.

Slowing down as we enter the harbour.

Fort Siloso was probably not built to welcome frequent ferries from Indonesia and yachts belonging to the residents of Keppel Bay.

Berthing at HarbourFront.

Disembarking from the ferry. A pity that I can’t get a good shot of this ferry as both berths weren’t very photo-friendly.

After clearing Singapore immigrations and customs in a jiffy, I’m back at HarbourFront Centre where the usual transport options are available.

You can get your ferry tickets online at BusOnlineTicket or Easybook.

View the Singapore – Batam (Indonesia) Ferries Service Guide here.


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