Majestic Fast Ferry from Singapore to Batam (Sekupang) by Ferry

Majestic Fast Ferry is one of the newer operators on the Singapore – Indonesia route, founded in 2015 after the closure of WaveMaster and Pacific Ferry. The vessels of the said former companies are now operated by Majestic, with new fleet additions as well.

View the Singapore – Batam (Indonesia) Ferries Service Guide here.

You can get your ferry tickets online at BusOnlineTicket or Easybook. Head upstairs to Level 3, unit number #03-41 of HarbourFront Centre to check-in and get your boarding pass.

The two-way ticket of Majestic with the left Singapore – Batam portion torn off by the counter clerk. The return journey is pre-loaded into the barcode on the right portion.

The boarding pass of my onward journey.

Once the gate is open for the departure, proceed onwards for baggage check-in if any and immigration clearance.

Once you’re done with immigration, pick a seat at the waiting area for boarding calls to be made, or have a look at the duty-free shop at the corner of the waiting area.

One of many information screens around.

If you somehow miss it, there’s a big one right after the escalator from immigration and before the boarding gate.

My gate before it’s ready for processing. Scan the boarding pass at the automatic gates for boarding.

The ferry information will show up once the gate is ready for boarding. Wish they would change the text though, took me a while to understand that the “Waterfront 2” is my vessel name rather than a stopover destination.

The Waterfront 2, which is my ferry today to Batam. It’s an IndoFalcon ferry though, not sure if it’s related to Majestic or leased.

Heading down to the boarding pontoon. The boarding pass will be collected here even after scanning it at the departure gate.

The upper deck of the Waterfront 2 is open-air, though with less comfortable seats.

The lower, air-conditioned deck of the ship, which I decided to stay in for the journey.

There is a snack counter fitted onto the ferry, but this seems to be out of use for quite some time already. Probably only stores the crew’s meals now.

Toilets are also available at the aft of the ferry, but I didn’t use it.

Right on time, the ferry departed HarbourFront Centre at 9.45am.

Passing Resorts World Sentosa on the way out.

Passing the Marina at Keppel Bay.

Passing the southernmost train station in Singapore, thus continuing my journey southwards after my trip From London to Singapore in 40 Days. (Hint hint.)

And of course, passing by the very untrue and misleading southernmost point of continental Asia.

The skyline of Singapore’s CBD before making the turn towards Batam.

About an hour later, the ferry arrived at Sekupang Ferry Terminal.

Since it was a weekday, it was pretty quiet at the terminal with the light load on the ferry, and immigration and customs was done in less than 5 minutes despite me not being the first passenger to the counter.

Sekupang is located on the northwest side of Batam and not in the city, which makes it less crowded than Batam Centre. It is, however, connected by the frequent Trans Batam busway service which makes it rather accessible.

If you are travelling from Sekupang on the return leg, the ferry counters are located on the second floor.

The departure gate is also located on the same floor.

You can get your ferry tickets online at BusOnlineTicket or Easybook.

View the Singapore – Batam (Indonesia) Ferries Service Guide here.

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