Medan Kuala Namu Railink U34 from Medan City Railink Station to Medan Kuala Namu International Airport by Airport Train

After a quick supermarket visit to buy Salted Egg Indomie after arriving from the KA Putri Deli Siang U53 from Tanjung Balai, it was time to head to the airport to catch my flight back to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I opted to get on the Railink (no surprises there) as it is the fastest way to get from Medan City to Kuala Namu International Airport in just 31 minutes.

As I was heading to the station from Centre Point, I went up to the station via the arrivals side instead. The security staff may ask where you are headed to, but he will allow you through if you are getting the Railink.

The escalator was out of service due to the construction of the linkbridge to the new elevated station, so I headed up via the lift.

Crossing the linkbridge to the Railink station.

Looking down to the current Railink platform and depot. The platform will soon be moved to the upper level, and the depot to Pulau Brayan.

Heading to the ticket counter side of the station through the temporary walkway.

Crossing the bridge over to the Railink station.

Heading to the ticket kiosks to redeem my ticket using my 50% discount voucher I purchased from the KAI Expo.

The kiosk is the exact same one found on the SHIA Railink.

Keying in my voucher code into the kiosk, which worked perfectly.

My ticket being printed out of the kiosk.

My ticket for the Railink U34 from Medan to Kuala Namu.

If you are paying by credit card without a PIN number, you may purchase your ticket at the staffed ticket counter.

Heading back across the bridge to board my Railink U34 train.

As there are currently no gates to the platform due to the construction of the elevated railway station, tickets are scanned manually by a staff with a handheld scanner.

Heading down to the platform via the stairs as the escalator was out of service.

Walking down a long path to the other end of the platform.

Heading down to the platform.

My Railink U34 train taking me from Medan to Kuala Namu.

Boarding the Railink.

The interior of the Kuala Namu Railink train, with a full exterior and interior TCASH advertisement wrap.

Ample seating and luggage racks are available.

Departing from Medan City Railink Station.

Goodbye Centre Point.

The sunset from onboard the Railink, passing under the footbridge south of Medan Railway Station.

The whole journey was pretty much in darkness as the sun had set already.

Arrived at Kuala Namu International Airport sharp on time at 6.51pm, 31 minutes after departing from Medan. Trolleys are available right outside the train, just like all good dedicated airport rail links.

Ticket gates are now present at the arrival platforms of Kuala Namu.

Scanning my ticket to exit the platform.

The exit leads to a travellator up to the departures level.

Heading to the departures floor from the upper Railink station level. Lots of shop lots remain empty here.

Heading over to the airport terminal building.

The path leads to the main entrance of Kuala Namu Intenational Airport where the usual bag scan before entering the terminal in all Indonesian airports takes place.

Overall, another fast and efficient journey with Railink, bringing this Divre 1 exploration to Binjai and Tanjung Balai to an end.

From here, I proceeded to check-in to my flight back to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

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