Flight Review: AirAsia AK395 from Medan to Kuala Lumpur by Airbus A320neo

AirAsia AK395 is the last flight of the day from Medan to Kuala Lumpur. This flight was another reroute via KL as my originally-booked Indonesia AirAsia QZ180 was terminated. However, looking at the schedule from Medan to KL and KL to Singapore, it was hard to piece together a good connection of less than 2 hours for the afternoon flights. As such, I decided to overnight in klia2 on the journey back, which allows me to maximise my time in Medan and go all the way to Tanjung Balai.

Both the check-in row and boarding gate can be checked from departure screens.

Check-in for all AirAsia flights was at Row B.

Heading to the other side of Row B to get my boarding pass from the self check-in kiosks.

The self check-in kiosks interface is PT Angkasa Pura II’s own, similar to the one I used in Padang.

I had to scan my passport again at the machine despite having already checked-in online.

Printing my boarding pass.

The final screen upon completion of check-in.

My boarding pass for my AirAsia AK395 flight from Medan to Kuala Lumpur. I tried getting the boarding pass for my next fight from KL to Singapore too, but that was not possible.

Heading across to the departures area.

Heading for security checks before entering the transit area.

Once done, the escalator leads down to the domestic departures area.

For passengers in wheelchairs, there is also a ramp down.

Heading on to the international departures side of the hall.

Here, yet another security scan takes place before heading to the immigration counters.

Once in, Gate 3 was just on the right.

There is a rest area at Gate 3 with recliner chairs and charging sockets, good for a long transit if Kuala Namu International Airport were to be further developed into a transit hub.

Too bad I’m not on that SilkAir direct flight back to Singapore.

Strangely, the telco shop at the international departure area sells Malaysia SIM cards already.

As I had about an hour more to wait for my flight, and after a long day of Divre I exploration to Tanjung Balai and back, I decided to freshen up at a hidden gem in Kuala Namu’s international departures toilet which I discovered on my previous trip but didn’t write about.

Inside the toilet, do you notice that there is a cubicle without a label?

That’s because that cubicle contains a free hot shower for passengers. Is that amazing or what?! Sure, towels and soap aren’t provided but hey, it’s a free hot shower, how many airports actually offer it? Not even Changi Airport, I can tell you this.

I had prepared my shower items in my bag already, so I proceeded to freshen up.

Heading to board my flight at Gate 3.

I was seated in Zone 2 towards the rear of the aircraft.

9M-AGG on duty for my flight from Medan to KL this evening.

Heading to the aerobridge of Gate B.

Heading down the aerobridge.

Boarding the plane.

The interior of AirAsia’s Airbus A320neo.

My unfortunate middle seat for this trip.

The legroom on board AirAsia’s Airbus A320neo.

The view of the window from my middle seat.

As my neighbour in the window seat arrived, she asked if it would be easier if I moved in to the window seat instead. I definitely obliged without a second thought. Thanks neighbour.

The view out of my new window seat.

The rainbow-ish control tower of Kuala Namu International Airport.

Goodbye Medan.

And here comes my dinner/supper. I pre-booked the Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice this time for S$4.

On first look, I thought the chicken was undercooked but upon tasting, it was fine. Not sure why the colour turned out like this. Both the rice and chicken was very flavourful, comparable to or even better than some Malaysian chicken rice on the ground.

Approaching Sepang.

The flight landed at 10.59pm, 4 minutes later than scheduled.

Taxiing into klia2.

Turning towards Pier Q.

Parked at Gate Q11.

Disembarking via the aerobridge.

Heading up to the arrivals level.

Lots of travellators to walk on in this walking-only mega-terminal.

Heading to the Skybridge to exit Malaysia? Not this time.

From here, I headed to the International Transfer area to rest for the night before my next flight back to Singapore.

Heading for security screening before entering the departure transit area.

Once in, I went to my secluded carpeted spot to sleep for the night.

Where is it? I think just one super useful tip in this post (free KNO hot showers) is enough. Or else, I might not have a place to sleep in klia2 next time too.

Not sure if there’s an error in the second screen but my flight to Singapore did not show up even with the third screen scrolling through the later flights. Oh well, I’ll just check the flight details later in the morning.

Good night.

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