Melaka Monorail – Monorail Themepark & Studios (MTS): A Round Around the Monorail Loop Under the Tracks by Foot

I got myself a Grab from Melaka Sentral to Hang Tuah Station, adjacent to The Shore Melaka, where I assumed that it was where the Melaka Monorail was to depart from. However, upon approaching the station, it seemed like it was still under construction. I asked the Grab driver if the Melaka Monorail was under construction (pretending like I didn’t know of its existence) when he said that the station is “behind” and that the Melaka Monorail was for “short-distance travel only”. With that, I started my walk to the “behind” station which I guessed was Tun Ali since it would be the newest.

And so begins my walk around the Melaka Monorail loop. Thanks, Lyle Lanley.

Just as I started the walk, the Melaka Monorail train came around, so here are some shots of it doing the trip.

The Melaka Monorail crossing over the monorail bridge adjacent to Datuk Mohd Zin Bridge.

Passing by the Melaka River Pirate Park.

Running along Jalan Tun Ali by the Melaka River.

A future Melaka River Cruise jetty near Hang Tuah Station.

A rather low height clearance on the Datuk Mohd Zin Bridge with the Melaka Monorail tracks.

Walking along Jalan Tun Ali.

What looked line an abandoned building to me is the entrance to Melaka Monorail – Monorail Themepark & Studios.

The entrance to Melaka Monorail – Monorail Themepark & Studios.

Tun Ali Station can be accessed by the entrance as shown above. There is no entrance from the street side.

The operating details of the Melaka Monorail under the entrance “arch”.

The route map of the Melaka Monorail.

The Melaka Monorail Tun Ali Station was probably meant only for those driving as the entrance to the station is through the car park.

The Melaka Monorail maintenance facility is located behind the car park as well.

Not sure what this prominent structure is in the middle of the car park.

The Tun Ali Station as seen from the street side.

The Melaka Monorail train parked at the station since there aren’t any passengers – yet.

The walk from The Shore Melaka to Tun Ali Station via Jalan Tun Ali took around 8 minutes.

Melaka Monorail Tun Ali Tun Ali 09

Here, I went on the Melaka Monorail ride around the loop, RM20 poorer.

Following the Melaka Monorail ride, I decided to walk back to The Shore Melaka, but by the other half of the loop which I’ve not completed yet.

The only monorail switch on the Melaka Monorail network just after Tun Ali Station to the maintenance facility.

The other entrance to the Melaka Monorail – Monorail Themepark & Studios with the rather dilapidated original monorail train set.

The original Melaka Monorail train set.

The Melaka Monorail maintenance facility from the street side.

The Melaka Monorail sitting majestically at the platform once again since there aren’t any passengers after me.

There’s a bus parking zone just after the Melaka Monorail maintenance facility, but no surprises that it isn’t very much utilized.

It’s going to be a bumpy entrance to the bus parking zone as well.

Walking towards the Melaka River with Restoran Melayu Melaka on the right.

Crossing the Hang Jebat Bridge over the Melaka River.

The Hang Jebat Monorail Bridge, almost parallel to the Hang Jebat Bridge.

The Melaka River Cruise terminates just before the Hang Jebat Bridge at Taman Rempah Jetty.

Not sure why steps and a footpath were even incorporated into the monorail bridge. Even if it’s for emergency evacuation, the rest of the tracks do not have an escape walkway and Hang Jebat Station is just a couple of meters ahead. Unless the train is planned to breakdown exactly at the spot on the bridge.

The two Hang Jebat Bridges.

Taking a right curve to Hang Jebat Station.

The disused Hang Jebat Station, adjacent to the northern terminus of the Melaka River Cruise.

The Melaka River Cruise ticket counter can be found just beside the Hang Jebat Station. But having already spent RM20 on the Melaka Monorail ride, I wasn’t planning to spend another RM23 to get on the river cruise.

The Taman Rempah Jetty of the Melaka River Cruise.

From here, the alignment of the Melaka Monorail runs parallel to the Melaka River.

Hang Jebat Station as seen from the river side. I think I see a little bit of influence from the KL Monorail on the station design.

No river cruise for me today.

The walk along the Melaka River was rather pleasant.

A nice contrast in the Melaka skyline with the traditional Kampung Morten and the modern The Shore Melaka standing together.

The Kampung Morten Bridge as seen from across Kampung Morten.

Not a very grammatically-correct and easy-to-read hashtag of #i@kg.morten.

The Melaka River Cruise passing by Kampong Morten.

The Melaka Monorail might actually complement the facade of The Shore Melaka, if only the trains came more frequently.

With no way to continue below the monorail tracks from here, I cut across the car park back to Hang Tuah Station.

Hang Tuah Station, still under construction (?).

The walk from Tun Ali Station back here to Hang Tuah Station took 15 minutes.

Back across Datuk Mohd Zin Bridge.

The now-empty monorail bridge adjacent to Datuk Mohd Zin Bridge.

The track curve above the Melaka River Pirate Park.

The entrance to Melaka River Pirate Park.

Not sure if the RM5 is worth to pay.

The Old Bus Station Bridge. Looks like something that can blend in to Venice easily.

From here, I went to explore The Shore Shopping Gallery a little (there was nothing much) and I got a Grab on back to Melaka Sentral to catch my bus back to Singapore.

Overall, the 8 + 15 minute walk on this journey means that my walking speed is on par with the Melaka Monorail, a train journey which takes 23 minutes to complete. Moreover, it is probably easier to take pictures of the scenery by foot since I can stop myself wherever I wanted and am not subject to the reflection of the glass windows and the very bumpy train/track.

Perhaps it would be better to explore Melaka on this next time – if I can find an operational bicycle, that is.

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