Nice Executive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Bus

Nice no longer plies any Singapore routes.

The Nice Executive bus no longer operates.

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With the recent rationalization of services resulting in the need to take 3 trains from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, a bus ride may be a cheaper and faster alternative.

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The most convenient replacement now is the Nice Executive coach, which serves the old Kuala Lumpur railway station and KL Sentral before heading non-stop to Singapore.

I purchased my ticket online through Easybook, which allowed me to select my seat. This coach type when choosing the bus on Easybook is Nice++30, which is slightly different than the one to Penang.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 03

Being early for my bus, I waited in the lounge in the old Kuala Lumpur railway station.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 04Nice Executive KLO SIN 06

Inside the lounge is also a ticket counter in case you haven’t got a ticket, or if you would like buy one for a future journey.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 05

The lounge was reasonably comfortable, equipped with many power sockets around. The washroom is located upstairs within the lounge.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 08

Coffee or tea is also served to you while you wait for your bus.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 09

The interior of the Nice Executive coach, arranged in a 1+2 configuration

Nice Executive KLO SIN 10Nice Executive KLO SIN 11

The single seats are located on the right of the bus…

Nice Executive KLO SIN 12Nice Executive KLO SIN 13

… and the double seats on the left. This is in contrast to the common Super VIP buses which has the single seats on the left and doubles on the right.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 14

My original seat was at 6A, but when boarding, the attendant told me that my personal TV was not working, and gave me seat 1A instead. The personal TV on the front row is attached to a separate bar on the side of the seat.

Remember to bring your own earpiece for the personal TV as none is provided by the coach.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 15

Before launching the system, however, you have to watch their advertisement for the Nice Imperial service. The coach advertised offers individual cocoon massage seats in a 1+1 configuration on the upper deck.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 16

The interface of the BlueICE Tablet Infotainment System. It’s Android-based, so it is easy to use and familiar to most passengers.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 17

The bus making a stop at KL Sentral to pick up passengers.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 18

The final stop at TBS before heading on the expressway to Singapore.

Nice Executive and Nice Imperial buses no longer stop at TBS.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 19

Upon departure from TBS, each passenger is served with a high tea set consisting of 2 quarter sandwiches, a samosa and a slice of banana cake, with a cup of mineral water. I believe you can ask for more mineral water if you require it as I saw the attendant making a few trips down the aisle with them even after the meal service.

Nice Executive and Nice Imperial buses no longer provide meals on board.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 20 No Watermark

The bus made a 20 minute stop at Pagoh R&R, around the midpoint of the journey.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 22Nice Executive KLO SIN 23

There is a food court with a good selection of local food here. The washrooms are located behind this food court. You can buy food back on to the bus if you wish.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 21

A minimart and fast food is also available to the right of the food court.

The bus uses the Second Link to head back into Singapore, via the Tanjung Kupang and Tuas Checkpoints, with generally a lesser jam as compared to the Johor-Singapore Causeway between Johor Bahru and Woodlands.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 24Nice Executive KLO SIN 25

The bus arrives at The Plaza @ Beach Road in Singapore, in front of the Nice ticket counter and lounge. It took around 6.5 hours to get here from the old Kuala Lumpur railway station, inclusive the jam at the checkpoints. From TBS, it took around 6 hours. From here, it’s a short walk to the Nicoll Highway Circle Line MRT station.

Book your ticket online through Easybook or at the counters at the departure points. There is no additional markup when you book your ticket online through Easybook.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 26

Follow the path eastward, parallel to Nicoll Highway. You should see this bus stop and link bridge after 2 minutes.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 27

Continue along the shelter.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 28

Head up the stairs to the link bridge.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 29

The Nicoll Highway MRT Station is just across the highway.

Nice Executive KLO SIN 30

Get on the train to your destination from here.

The Nice Imperial service also travels along the same route. Hopefully, this will be my next commute to KL to see how this compares with the Nice Executive service.


  1. Can I know where is the specific location of the nice lounge in the Kuala Lumpur railway station?

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