Oasis LRT Station • Direct LRT Train Link to Oasis Terraces

Oasis LRT Station

PE6 Oasis LRT Station is an LRT station on the Punggol LRT (PGLRT) East Loop, directly connected to Oasis Terraces and SingHealth Polyclinic – Punggol with an overhead link.

PE6 Oasis LRT Station is located just beside Oasis Terraces above Punggol Drive.

This new Oasis Terraces overhead link seamlessly joins the existing overhead bridge exits of PE6 Oasis LRT Station.

The link to Oasis Terraces is also clearly advertised from the PE6 Oasis LRT Station overhead bridge.

The link from PE6 Oasis LRT Station leads directly in to Oasis Terraces Level 2.

Northshore Plaza Free Shuttle Bus Service

If you are looking for a free transport option, there is also a new Northshore Plaza Free Shuttle Bus Service making a loop around Punggol.

The Northshore Plaza Free Shuttle Bus Service serves Oasis Terraces and Punggol Town Square, connecting Punggol residents to the new Northshore Plaza I & II on weekdays during lunch and dinner times.

Click here for Northshore Plaza Free Shuttle Bus details.

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