Palembang LRT: Bumi Sriwijaya to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport by Train

The Palembang LRT is Indonesia’s first intra-city light rail transit system connecting Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport and Jakabaring Sports City via the city centre. The line was completed just in time for the 2018 Asian Games, also known as Jakarta Palembang 2018, and is now a main mode of public transport for the people of Palembang.

The Palembang LRT is also the new icon of Palembang aside from the Ampera Bridge, with the line spanning throughout the main parts of the city. This post will be about the journey between two intermediate stations of the Palembang LRT.

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The exit of Bumi Sriwijaya LRT Station has bi-directional escalators for easy access to the station. The elevator is still in the process of construction.

Walking to the station from the escalator. The elevator is not yet in service.

The concourse of Bumi Sriwijaya LRT Station.

If you require a paper ticket, head over to the ticket counter to purchase one with cash. Otherwise, head straight to the fare gate if you are holding an E-Money card.

Staff are on hand to help when using the fare gates.

Tapping my BNI Tapcash Transjakarta OK-Otrip card for the ride back to the airport, with just enough value (Rp.10,000) for the journey.

The concourse of the station is doubled up as a waiting room, which makes the process similr to boarding a long-distance PT KAI train instead, rather than a KRL.

5 minutes before departure, announcements are made for passengers to ascend up to the platform.

Heading up to the airport-bound platform.

The platforms of Bumi Sriwijaya LRT Station.

The Palembang LRT approaching Bumi Sriwijaya station.

Boarding the LRT train.

The typical standing-room-only crowd on board the Palembang LRT.

Luggage racks are provided above the seats on board the Palembang LRT.

Heading off along Jl. Angkatan 45.

Turning right onto Jl. Demang Lebar Daun towards Polda junction.

Poor Transportation means Stagnation

That’s right, all you who are cutting minimal costs on or even cancelling new public transport lines.

Turning at Polda junction towards the airport.

The new Palembang Regional General Hospital (Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah (RSUD) Palembang), served by the new RSUD LRT Station.

Passing by Gramedia World Palembang, a worthwhile stop if you’re still interested in reading and buying hardcopy books – clearly there’s a big market for this is Palembang.

Turning towards Asrama Haji at the airport junction.

Making a brief stop at Asrama Haji.

Surprisingly, more people got on the train here towards the airport, instead of actually alighting.

Making the final left turn towards the airport.

Passing by the new Hotel Santika Premiere Bandara Palembang.

The runway can be seen when approaching Bandara LRT Station.

A new welcome arch to the airport under construction.

The view out of the cab is blocked on this train.

Arrived at Bandara (Airport) LRT Station.

The interior of the Palembang LRT train after all passengers have disembarked.

The fare gates and concourse are located at the end of the platform, on the same level.

The buffer stop at the end of the tracks before the concourse.

The view of the Palembang LRT tracks from the concourse.

Heading out of the station. As this is the terminal station where all passengers are alighting at, there was quite a bit of crowd here at he fare gates to exit the station.

Tapping my BNI Tapcash Transjakarta OK-Otrip card to exit the station – and I now have Rp.0 left in my card.

Once all passengers have cleared from the platform, the new batch of passengers boarding the train bound for DJKA are allowed to enter the platform via the fare gates.

Exiting the station by this set of travellators – convenient for those with luggage.

A departure screen is placed on the linkway to check your flight details – my Scoot TR251 flight back to Singapore is now open for check-in.

Entering the air-conditioned portion of the linkway.

This section of the linkway is a nice place to wait around with convenience stores and charging ports available.

Passing by the Belida Fish art installation in the middle of the linkway.

Continue straight to the terminal building.

Heading down the escalator to the terminal building.

The arrival hall and central concourse area is straight ahead, while the departure hall is behind, so make a u-turn if you’re heading for a flight.

From here, I headed on to the departure hall to check-in for my Scoot flight back to Singapore.

Overall, the Palembang LRT is rather useful for airport access since there is no direct Trans Musi service from the city. Also, it is far more comfortable to use the LRT for airport access with the many luggage racks around. Hopefully, the success of the Palembang LRT can be replicated in other Indonesian cities, and perhaps, other countries may also wish to use this as a model for small city public transport options.

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