Flight Review – Scoot TR251: Palembang to Singapore by Airbus A320-200

After exploring the Palembang LRT here, here, here and here, it was time to head back to Singapore after just a night’s stay in Palembang. Despite being only a 2-day stay, Scoot’s TR250 and TR251 combination allows for a perfect weekend getaway to Palembang. Yeah, not the most impressive ideal destination from Singapore as compared to Melaka, KL or Batam, but where there’s trains, it’s always ideal for me.

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This time round, the further entrance to the check-in hall is now closed, used as a trolley transfer point.

The entrance to the check-in hall is now at the front, by the driveway.

The check-in hall of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport is still decked out in Jakarta Palembang 2018 advertisements.

Check-in for Scoot is at Counters 31 and 32.

There was quite a bit of a queue here, since Scoot doesn’t provide online check-in services for all airports other than Singapore and Berlin.

The empty queue at Jetstar’s counter for a flight departing just slightly more than half an hour later. Clearly shows which flight is more popular.

My boarding pass for my TR251 flight back to Singapore.

Heading up the escalator to the transit mall.

The transit mall is quite small, with just a couple of shops for the path leading to the domestic gates, and none to the international gates.

Jokowi was at the airport to bid people goodbye on his bike.

Yes, you can actually sit on Jokowi’s bike for a photo with him, the President of the Republic of Indonesia. What a good sport for the Asian Games 2018.

The path after the small central area at the top of the escalator and where Jokowi is leads straight to the immigration counters, located just before the international waiting room.

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport serves just a small number of international destinations but relatively important to Palembang.

The international waiting hall serving passengers to Singapore, both on Scoot and Jetstar Asia.

Boarding my flight from Gate 6.

However, the “gate number” is just for assigning the counter where you get a portion of your boarding pass taken – you continue down the corridor to the actual gate the plane is parked at.

The Jakarta Palembang 2018 advertisements are blocking the clear view of the aircraft though.

9V-TAN “Nomo Fomo” ready to take me back to Singapore.

Boarding through Boarding Bridge B, which actually corresponds to Gate 3 on the apron.

Heading down the aerobridge.

Boarding the aircraft.

The Jetstar Asia flight back to Singapore is also parked beside.

The typical Scoot A320 legroom, a bit shorter than the ones on the A319.

Taxiing to the runway.

It was quite a full flight on a Sunday evening, with a seat neighbour on the middle B seat who offered to exchange seats with me during boarding (er, no thanks?), chatty passengers all around and screaming babies throughout the flight.

Heading to the runway with the new taxiway, so there’s no more u-turning on the runway itself.

Taking off from Palembang.

Goodbye Palembang.

And goodbye Palembang LRT.

Making a left turn towards Singapore immediately upon departure.

The Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, including the new Palembang LRT line.

It was a rather uneventful flight throughout, flight-wise.

However, as the cries grew louder, all parents around decided to have a 1-hour concert of Baby Shark. I couldn’t decide if taking crying or listening to out-of-sync doo doo doo doo doo doo for the duration of the flight was worse.

Commencing the descend into Singapore.

Flying over Batam.

Heading over to Malaysia for a landing from the northeast.

The full view of Singapore from above.

Flying over Johor.

Some slight bumpiness while descending through the last low clouds.

Flying past Pulau Tekong.

Approaching mainland Singapore.

The burnt decommissioned 9V-SQK, parked beside a VIM Airlines Boeing 777-200ER. Pretty rare to see this defunct Russian airline’s aircraft so far away from its homebase.

Back at the familiar sight of Changi Airport.

Heading to South Cross to get to Terminal 2.

Crossing over Airport Boulevard.

Parked at Gate F41.

I actually quite like Scoot’s yellow livery on the A320s.

Heading to the terminal via the aerobridge.

Heading out of the terminal.

Overall, it was a great trip to Palembang with Scoot as usual (almost – Baby Shark) thanks to their low fares (book your tickets on Tuesday mornings) and with the Palembang LRT, this trip turned out to be pretty good both scheduling and value wise.

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