Penang Hill Railway Part 1 – Ascend

The Penang Hill Tram is a funicular railway up Bukit Bendera, the highest hill in Penang Island.

The original Penang Hill railway was completed in 1924, involving 2 lines with a station in the middle to change trains, taking about 30 minutes per journey each way. The system was overhauled in 2010 with merging the two lines together and with new rolling stock, taking only 8 minutes per ride.

You can get to the lower station by RapidPenang bus 204 from Jetty or KOMTAR, the 2 main locations in Penang.

The ticket counter is to the left of the entrance.

The original station is up ahead for photo opportunities.

Upon purchasing the ticket, you will walk down an aisle of Penang Hill Tram’s history, similar to a museum.

Very old and interesting items are displayed, but it would be nicer if they were actually explained.

The entrance to the platform is up ahead with a staff stationed to help you scan and tear off a barcode on your ticket.

The waiting area before the platform. The trams run at an approximate interval of 15 minutes.

The Swiss-made trams ready for boarding. As usual, the front space is the best.

The old loop lines of the old lower tram line.

The new line runs to the left of the old line, and at a steeper incline too.

The old middle station. These new platforms at the old station are probably only for emergency use now.

The new loop lines for the new system.

Crossing with the other tram car at speed.

A preserved car of the previous system, on the loop line of the old upper line.

Going through a tunnel near the upper station.

Arriving at the upper station.

Getting Here
Location: Bukit Bendera Lower Station
Company: RapidPenang
Line: 204
Fare: RM2.70 from Jetty or KOMTAR

Fares for Penang Hill Railway

Non-Malaysian Malaysian
Adult RM30.00 RM10.00
Senior Citizen RM30.00 RM4.00
Child RM15.00 RM4.00
Student RM15.00 RM4.00
One Way – Adult RM17.00 RM5.00
One Way – Child RM10.00 RM2.00
Disabled Free

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