Penang Hill Railway Part 2 – Descend

Going down the Penang Hill is almost the same method as the ascending trip, except that you do not have to buy a new ticket if you have already gotten your return ticket. In fact, you should get the return ticket as it is cheaper than buying 2 two way tickets, unless you plan to hike up or down Penang Hill, which isn’t worth the effort.

There is a ticket counter at the upper station in case you do need a ticket down.

The upper station is considerably smaller than the lower station, so the queue starts before the ticket gates. The staff will only let you in when the area is clear when a train departs.

The descending trip is more thrilling especially at the front, but in actual fact, the speed is the same as the ascending trip. The two cars are connected by a single rope, driven by a motor at the upper station, so no worries about the cars crashing into each other at the mid-point loop line.

On a good day, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Penang Island.

Arriving at the lower station.

Getting Here
Location: Bukit Bendera Lower Station
Company: RapidPenang
Line: 204
Fare: RM2.70 from Jetty or KOMTAR

Fares for Penang Hill Railway

Non-Malaysian Malaysian
Adult RM30.00 RM10.00
Senior Citizen RM30.00 RM4.00
Child RM15.00 RM4.00
Student RM15.00 RM4.00
One Way – Adult RM17.00 RM5.00
One Way – Child RM10.00 RM2.00
Disabled Free

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