Pre-Departure PCR Swab Test at PDTSWAB.SG (Q & M Medical Clinic Buangkok MRT) Experience

Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR Swab Test in Singapore at PDTSWAB.SG

It’s finally time. Just before the end of 2021, the green light for travel has shone with Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs). I’m finally visiting Malaysia again. However, unlike a literal green light just in front of Woodlands Checkpoint regulating traffic from Singapore to Malaysia pre-COVID, the travel procedures now start 2 days before departure, with a Pre-Departure PCR Swab Test in Singapore.

Mainly Miles has very helpfully compiled a list of cheapest pre-departure COVID-19 PCR and ART tests in Singapore here.

I booked my pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test at PDTSWAB.SG which is the cheapest in Singapore at S$107, and has a timeslot and testing period which matches my travel dates.

PDTSWAB.SG is no longer the cheapest pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test in Singapore.

Unwarranted Refund

However, just like additional sudden roadblocks implemented by Singapore and Malaysia with the additional Days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and/or 7 tests, PDTSWAB.SG added an additional level of panic and stress for me after my booking confirmation by refunding my booking, less S$20 admin fee.

Not cool.

Panic ensued as this unwarranted refund was done just 3 days before my appointment, which I did not request any cancellation for.

I then proceeded to reach out to all avenues possible, messaging PDTSWAB.SG on Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and even calling them, which the hotline at 6980 0091 was quite unreachable for at least half an hour.

I was assured on the phone that my booking will stay, but I got a call in the afternoon asking me to return the S$87 they mistakenly refunded me.

Whatever. I was too busy planning for this VTL trip to wonder about more details about this unwarranted refund, and I PayNow-ed them in 5 minutes. At least I know that I’ve paid them the full S$107 on my part, and my booking will stay.

NE15 Buangkok MRT Station

For my pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test at PDTSWAB.SG, I picked the Buangkok MRT Station branch because, well, RailTravel Station.

Also I figured that if I were to have picked either Serangoon, Kovan, or Tampines, the time taken to walk to the clinic from the station would have taken more time than to stay on the train for a longer distance but to have the clinic right at the MRT station instead.

The pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test at PDTSWAB.SG is done at Q & M Medical Clinic, Buangkok MRT Exit A. After tapping out from the fare gates, turn left.

Turn right after ascending from the escalators, to the shop lots facing the main road. Do not that there are 2 Q & Ms here, 1 for dental and another for the clinic.

Q & M Medical Clinic at Buangkok MRT Station

Q & M Medical Clinic is the second shot lot from the escalator with the purple sign.

There was quite a number of people in front of me for the pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test. For my 12pm appointment, I only got my swab done at 12.40pm.

During the swab, I was asked to confirm my passport number, and departure date and time.

The swab was done in less than a minute. It felt like a normal PCR swab, not painful but also naturally not the most comfortable obviously.

Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR Swab Test Result

My TraceTogether and HealthHub was already updated in the early morning, but I got the memo and lab result for my pre-departure COVID-19 PCR swab test from PDTSWAB.SG at 9.55am by email, text, and Singpass notifications, all bombarded at once.

After all the hassle of the Malaysia and Singapore VTL trip planning with changes every couple of days, the negative result brought some relief, both knowing that I’m not infected with COVID-19, and that also means that I can check-in for my flight to KL.

1 down, 14 more tests to go.

See you soon, Malaysia.


  1. When we were caught in Kuching on the 18th March lock down my wife said 2 years and I thought no way. Looks like it’s yes way.
    I keep asking ‘what happened to the Singaporean developed Covid breath tests?’. Deafening silence. These would have been a magical game changers.

  2. Hi RailTravelStation, may I know if the PDT for air VTL from SIN to KUL has to be done less than 48 hours or 2 within 2 days? If my flight is at 5:30p.m. on 22 January, can I do the test anytime on 20 January? Thank you.

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