RailTravel Station Magnet Set – Malaysia EMU Series – Kuala Lumpur Sales

For those who have been waiting for the Malaysia magnet sales and RailTravel Station meet-up session in Malaysia, now’s your chance!

*** Please note that this is only an indication of interest. ***

*** I will gauge the response before deciding if the sales and meet-up should go on or not. ***

The RailTravel Station Malaysia EMU Series Magnet Set consists of the 3 types of six-car electric multiple units used on the KTM West Coast Line which includes the 91 Class EMU on short-distance ETS services, 92 Class EMU on KTM Komuter services and 93 Class EMU on long-distance ETS services.

Magnets are available individually at RM15 each, or by a set of 3 different designs at RM36 per set. Prices are for COD sales only, and not inclusive of postage. Sales of magnets are currently limited to Singapore and Malaysia only.

For enquiries and purchase, please indicate your request using the form below. I will gauge the response between now and this weekend to decide if the sales and meet-up session would be done.


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