Rapid Ferry from Georgetown (Penang Island) Penang Sentral (Butterworth) by Ferry and Bus (OUTDATED)

Heading back to the mainland for my flight from Alor Setar, I headed back for the Rapid Ferry to catch the KTM Komuter from Butterworth.

I took this journey while the construction of Penang Sentral was still ongoing, days before the opening. As such, this journey will include the compulsory bus transfer which is no longer in operation as Penang Sentral is now open. Simply put, this post is outdated, but is still here for keepsake purposes.

The Rapid Ferry / Penang Ferry Service has been replaced with the Penang Fast Ferry.

Click here for Penang Fast Ferry information.

Heading to the Rapid Ferry via the sheltered walkway from the Jetty Bus Terminal.

Heading into the waiting area for the Rapid Ferry to Butterworth. The ferry ride from Penang Island to Butterworth is free of charge. The fare is only collected on the inbound trip.

The waiting area of Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal.

About 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time, the gates were open for passenger boarding. Pretty quick.

Heading to board Pulau Angsa.

No wonder boarding was so quick – there was no vehicles on the upper deck on this trip.

Seats on Pulau Angsa were arranged longitudinally in the middle of the upper deck.

Pulau Undan resting at the docks beside Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal.

I headed down to the lower deck to enjoy the ride there.

The lower deck was only less than half-full with vehicles on this trip.

The view of Penang Bridge from the Rapid Ferry.

Pulau Payar on the journey to Penang Island.

Approaching Butterworth, I headed back upstairs to the passenger deck to prepare for disembarkation.

Approaching Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal.

Pulau Kapas resting at the docks beside Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal.

Disembarking via the old route to the compulsory shuttle bus to Penang Sentral Temporary Transport Terminal.

This route is no longer in use, and passengers now walk straight to Penang Sentral via the linkbridge.

Boarding the free compulsory shuttle bus to Penang Sentral Temporary Transport Terminal.

Departing from Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal.

The new Penang Sentral building as seen from the shuttle bus.

Here, you can see a little bit of the link bridge connecting the Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal to Penang Sentral, as well as the new indoor walkway from Penang Sentral to Butterworth Railway Station.

Approaching Butterworth Outer Ring Road.

Turning into Penang Sentral Temporary Transport Terminal.

Approaching the berth for the compulsory shuttle bus.

Disembarking from the compulsory shuttle bus for the last time.

The compulsory bus transfer is no longer in operation as Penang Sentral is now open.

Crossing over the road to head to Butterworth Railway Station.

Looking at Penang Sentral Temporary Transport Terminal for the last time.

Using the walkway from Penang Sentral Temporary Transport Terminal to Butterworth Railway Station for the last time.

From here, I went to get my ticket for the KTM Komuter to Padang Besar.

Overall, another usual journey with Rapid Ferry with the very last time getting on the shuttle bus. Hopefully, the new walkway via Penang Sentral will make the connection from the KTM station more seamless.

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