RapidKL Ampang Line Extension (Sri Petaling – Kinrara BK5)

The Sri Petaling Line Extension now operates between Sri Petaling and Bandar Puteri. Click here for more information.

The Ampang Line Extension between Sri Petaling and Kinrara BK5 is now open! The line commenced operations on 31 October 2015.

Extending westward from the former Sri Petaling terminal, the 4 stations are part of the extension to Putra Heights, which will open in March June 2016.

As the new extension is using the new signalling system, while the existing lines from Sentul Timur to Ampang and Sri Petaling are undergoing upgrades, passengers need to change trains at Sri Petaling to continue their journey.

The existing line will arrive and depart from Platform 1 of Sri Petaling.

To continue your journey to the new extension to Kinrara BK5, cross over to Platform 2.

The train movement plan for the Ampang Line Extension.

The extension is served by “AMY”. AMY is manufactured by CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., with a fleet of 50 expected to provide revenue service when the full extension to Putra Heights is completed and the Adtranz trains are removed from service.

The interior of the new train.

A dynamic route map is found above every door.

Priority seating zones are also included in this “6-car train”. Similar to the older Adtranz train sets, AMY is made up of 2 articulated motor cab cars with 1 articulated trailer car in the middle, with the exception that all 3 cars can now be walked through.

Television screens are also featured to show next station information as well as advertisements.

The first station on the new extension – Awan Besar. This station features an island platform.

Next, Muhibbah. The following 3 stations all feature side platforms.

The exterior of Alam Sutera station.

“AMY” making a curve before the station.

Platforms look similar throughout the extension.

Finally, Kinrara BK5.

The updated route map can be found throughout the extension.

“AMY” on her return journey to Sri Petaling.

Trains on the Ampang Line Extension will run at a frequency of not more than 12 minutes.

The ticket concourse of Kinrara BK5 station.

New ticket vending machines are also found here, with a new interface to cope with future extensions.

Rides are free on the Ampang Line Extension for one month starting from 31 October 2015. You may pick up free tokens from the 5 stations, or enter at no charge with the MyRapid card or Touch n Go card. If you are using MyRapid or Touch n Go cards from existing stations, you need not tap out of the system at Sri Petaling to enjoy the free rides – the fare charged upon exit at any of the new stations will be the fare deducted at Sri Petaling and any increments after Sri Petaling will not be factored in.

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The Sri Petaling Line Extension now operates between Sri Petaling and Bandar Puteri. Click here for more information.


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