Shuttle 61dn: Gemas to Johor Bahru by Train (Former Malayan Tiger Train Coaches)

The Shuttle JB Sentral – Gemas is no longer in operation.

The Shuttle 61dn departs 15 minutes after the scheduled arrival of the EG9203 from Padang Besar and KL Sentral, making it a seamless connection from passengers on that train to continue their journey towards JB Sentral. To make a hassle-free connection, ask if you can buy your connecting shuttle ticket at the same time when you book your ETS ticket. If not, tickets are available at Gemas station itself. The counter is just a 2 minute stroll away from the platform.

YDM 6699 heads the train to JB Sentral.

The Shuttle 61 and 62 is made up of donated ex-JR West Blue Train coaches.

3 types of coaches are available on the 3-coach rake. I suggest taking the last one for maximum comfort.

The original JR West curtains have recently been removed and replaced with a new one by KTM.

The conductor’s room has not been changed significantly as well, though it is very well not used by KTM too.

The electrical controls for the lights and air-conditioning are the only things that are still operational on a daily basis.

The keys for the destination board for the coaches is still attached…

… though the setting is still at 01 for Off Service, since the last run of the Limited Express Fuji Hayabusa.

The Shuttle makes an on-time departure from Gemas at 3.15pm and makes stops at all passenger-service stations between Gemas and JB Sentral.

Stops include minor stations not served by express trains such as Chamek and Rengam.

A ride in the conductor’s room.

The window can still be opened for the conductor to give clearance to the train in Japan. In Malaysia, however, the conductor and supervisor use the door instead.

Certainly a different scenery from Japan.

The coaches here are all positioned in one direction, so the end of the train may seem strange in Japanese context as the conductor’s room is not the last portion of the train here.

Upon arrival at JB Sentral at 7.50pm, the locomotive uncouples and goes around to the other end to bring the rake back to Kempas Baru to stable for the night.

The Shuttle JB Sentral – Gemas is no longer in operation.


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