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The YDM4 locomotive is the staple of the Royal Railway, operating on freight and passenger routes throughout the Kingdom. The 10 leased locomotives currently in operation in Cambodia formerly operated in Malaysia for KTM Berhad, leased from Indian Railways and built by Diesel Locomotive Works in Varanasi, India. The YDM4 locomotives kept the Indian Railways locomotive classification system and numbers on lease in Malaysia and in Cambodia where Y stood for metre gauge, D for diesel and M for mixed loads.

The YDM4 locomotives ceased operations for KTM Berhad since early 2016, and 10 of them were sent to Cambodia from Malaysia in May 2019. Click here for more information about the YDM4 in Malaysia.

Fleet List

YDM 6343

YDM 6343 001.JPGYDM 6343 at Jerantut Railway Station, Malaysia.

YDM 6428

YDM 6428 003.JPGYDM 6428 at Tanjung Pagar Railway Station, Singapore.

YDM 6535

YDM 6535 EDDY.jpgYDM 6535 stabling at Jalan Kastam Yard, Malaysia.
Photo courtesy of Eddy Sumantri.

YDM 6546

YDM 6546.JPGYDM 6546 delivering the Ekspres Peninsular empty rake into Kempas Baru Railway Station, Malaysia.

YDM 6561

YDM 6561 EDDY.jpgYDM 6561 entering Labis Railway Station, Malaysia.
Photo courtesy of Eddy Sumantri.

YDM 6633

YDM 6633 EDDYYDM 6633 stabling at Jalan Kastam Yard, Malaysia.
Photo courtesy of Eddy Sumantri.

YDM 6635

YDM 6635 001YDM 6635 passing through Gombak Gate, Singapore.

YDM 6657

YDM 6657 001YDM 6657 hauling the Eastern & Oriental Express, passing through Bukit Timah Railway Station, Singapore.

YDM 6663

YDM 6663 001YDM 6663 at Kluang Railway Station, Malaysia.

YDM 6697

YDM 6697 001YDM 6697 at JB Sentral Railway Station, Malaysia.

Booking Methods

  • Ticket counters in Royal Railway stations
  • Phone
    • Phnom Penh: 078 888 582
    • Takeo: 099 222 533
    • Kampot: 099 222 566
    • Sihanoukville: 099 222 544
  • Online from Baolau
  • Online from Easybook

Tickets are open for sale 7 days before departure for direct bookings through Royal Railway, and around 14 to 21 days before departure for online agent bookings.

For online bookings through Baolau, print your confirmation at home and get it exchanged for the actual boarding pass at the station’s ticket counter on the day of your travel.

Boarding Process for Tickets booked through Baolau

  1. Make a booking on Baolau.
  2. Baolau receives confirmation from Royal Railway.
  3. Baolau then sends you the confirmation with numbered seat within 24 hours.
  4. Print the confirmation and exchange it for the boarding pass at the station before departure.
  5. The staff on train will check the boarding pass and take it away.

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