Flight Review: Scoot TR279 from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 3 to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 by Airbus A320-200 (for Hat Yai)

Scoot TR279 from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3 to to Singapore Changi Terminal 1 by Airbus A320-200 (for Hat Yai) Flight Review

I had purchased my inbound and outbound tickets to Indonesia separately since I did not know of my travel plans yet, which was due to another significant event in another part of ASEAN, in Thailand – the move of the main railway station in Bangkok from Hua Lamphong to Krung Thep Aphiwat.

And indeed, it did happen.

One of my considerations was to fly direct from Jakarta to Bangkok if necessary, but then I thought, with the opportunity to arrive in Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station one last time by Special Express train, I should do it lest I regret it.

As such, I decided to cut short my stay in Jakarta to fly to Hat Yai to catch the Special Express 32 Thaksinarath into Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station, but with an overnight transit in Singapore to change my travel bags, and at the same time, accommodate myself overnight comfortably in my own home, while avoiding a bulk of the Singapore airport tax since I am now just a transit passenger.

Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 3

At the time of my trip, Scoot was still departing from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 3. Scoot has since moved to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 2F.


Check-in for Scoot was at Row D of Terminal 3, along with AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, Citilink, and Sriwijaya Air.

Heading to the Scoot counter for check-in.

My boarding passes for the trip to Hat Yai via Singapore, since I booked my trip in a single booking, saving me on the Singapore airport tax.

My first boarding pass for Scoot TR279 from Jakarta to Singapore.

My second boarding pass for Scoot TR634 from Singapore to Hat Yai.

Immigration & Security

Heading for departure immigration and security screening.

Heading down to the departure transit area.

Slightly more shops have opened since my last visit.

Being a budget airline, Scoot was assigned to Gate 2, one of the furthest gates from immigration.

Free Shower

I had wanted to get a free shower in the terminal since I did not have a hotel stay in Jakarta and was flying off on the same day that I had arrived on my Sinar Jaya Suites Class bus from Surabaya, but unfortunately, it was closed and under renovation.

I asked a staff around where I could get a shower, and he pointed me to the new Saphire Plaza Premium Lounge just ahead.

Taking the travellator on to the Saphire Plaza Premium Lounge and my gate.

Saphire Plaza Premium Lounge Shower

The new Saphire Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 3 near Gate 6.

Unfortunately for me, this was a paid shower at Rp 319,680 (~$28.34). No thanks, I could just get it once I’m back home in a couple of hours.

The new co-branded Saphire Plaza Premium Lounge looks like a big step-up from the previous Saphire Temporary Lounge. Perhaps I’ll expend a Priority Pass lounge visit here the next time I pass through T3.

A satellite Saphire Plaza Premium Lounge after Gate 5 was closed.

Turning into Gates 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the end of this part of the terminal building.

Entering the terminal building of Gates 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Water dispensers are available here. Bring your own bottle.

While it sounds like there are only 2 gates here, there are further gates with suffixes from 1 and 2.

Taking the travellator down to Gate 2.

I got to my gate earlier than required, since there’s not much to do in the transit area of Terminal 3 anyway, and I could get my phone charged.

Boarding is done by zones.

There are 2 queues for boarding pass scanning, and it was free for all once Zone 2 had been cleared with calls for all remaining passengers.

Heading down to the gates.

9V-TRW “Bayanihan” will be flying me back (?) to Singapore, but I’m on transit actually.

Heading down the aerobridge.

The interior of Scoot’s Airbus A320-200.

My aisle seat at 23C.

The legroom available on Scoot’s Airbus A320-200.

A tray table is provided on the seat back in front.

The headrest cover on the back advertises ScootHub. However, ScootHub was not available on my flight.

It was quite a full flight out of Jakarta, with many passengers on transit to other destinations. Just like me.

My Scoot TR279 flight departed from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 8.24pm – 24 minutes delayed.

In-flight sales were back on my flight with the refreshment trolley out, however, I didn’t order anything for myself on this flight.

The clean toilet on board Scoot TR279.

Both soap and hand sanitiser was provided in the toilet.

My Scoot TR279 flight arrived at Singapore Changi Airport at 10.48pm – 11 minutes early.

Disembarking from the aircraft.

Heading up the aerobridge.

My arrival was technically in Terminal 2, which was technically still not fully operational, but the information screens outside my gate point towards Terminal 1

It was just 1 travellator ride towards arrival immigration.

While I’m a transit passenger, I could leave the transit area to enter Singapore with my long transit, since I do not need a visa to enter Singapore as a Singaporean.

Heading down to arrival immigration in Terminal 1.

Heading down past the duty free shops after immigration.

Baggage reclaim was at Belt 20. If you are a transit passenger, you do not need to reclaim baggage, as it will be checked through to your final destination.

However, I had no check-in bags, so this doesn’t matter to me.

Heading out through customs.

Instead of overnighting in the transit area on my transit in Singapore, I overnighted at home instead on the way to Hat Yai.


With Scoot’s wide network of regional destinations, it was useful for me to do 2 trips in 1 booking to transit in Singapore, with the benefit of avoiding the Singapore airport tax if I plan my trips well enough to make it in a single booking with a short transit time. Transiting in Singapore also allowed me to go home and repack my bags for an easier trip with budget airlines, since I need not pack for 2 trips at once.

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