Flight Review – Scoot TR868: Singapore to Bangkok Don Mueang by Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

Scoot TR868 is the very last flight of the day from Singapore to Bangkok Don Mueang, departing at 10.20pm. While the arrival time into Don Mueang requires a definite hotel stay, it works if you require an early start for the next day.

When I got to Changi Airport Terminal 2, however, the departure has been retimed to 10 minutes later.

The check-in for Scoot at Row 11 was pretty crowded at 8.45pm.

Thankfully, I had no check-in bags and all I needed to do was to print out my boarding pass from the FAST check-in kiosk.

My flight was departing from Gate F34.

Queuing to get into the gate hold room. Wasn’t in much of the mood to walk around the airport at night, and I got to the airport just in time to check-in anyway.

9V-OFA “八宝” (Eight Treasures) ready to take me to Bangkok Don Mueang, and some others to Tokyo Narita.

The gate hold room was rather full. Looks like it’s going to be a rather full flight as well.

Queuing to board first as I was seated in the very last row of the plane.

The interior of the Scoot Economy Class cabin on the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

Seat 41A is the very last window seat on the left side of the plane.

The regular legroom available. It feels slightly more spacious than the usual A320 legroom.

However, I have this extra space to stretch out as the aircraft body tapers towards the back.

A lot more breathing space here for a window seat.

Here’s where things got a little bit complicated.

Apparently, my seat was fixed in the reclined position (even ever so slightly, due to the bulkhead behind) and could not be put upright no matter how hard I tried (and later the cabin crew), so I was asked by possibly the chief stewardess to move to another seat during take-off and landing citing safety reasons.

I was moved to a Stretch seat by the exit row in front, Seat 30C, for take-off, which was awesome with pretty much unlimited legroom. I asked if I could sit there permanently, but the crew mentioned that they have already arranged an alternative seat for me in the ScootinSilence quiet zone instead as that would be the same price as my initial Seat 41A (one of the few pair seats). Unfortunately, I got the middle seat, Seat 10E, as the flight was rather full, so that was quite disappointing.

Oh well, at least no one was in front of me so I didn’t have the seat in front of me recline into my face and I could be one of the first to get off the plane at Don Mueang.

The flight landed on time at 11.45pm and immigration was rather quick, taking less than 10 minutes with less than 10 people ahead of me in the queue.

From here, I picked up my DTAC Happy Tourist Super 4G 8 Day SIM Card from Klook before heading off to a hostel opposite Don Mueang Airport to rest for the night.

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