Shimoda Ropeway: Aerial Lift Service Suspended for Renovation

Shimoda Ropeway Closed 006

The Shimoda Ropeway is an aerial lift system in Shimoda which brings passengers up to Mount Nesugata to offer a view of Port of Shimoda and Pacific Ocean.

Shimoda Ropeway Closed 001

I had wanted to take this up to Mount Nesugata as it is one of just a few attractions around Shimoda, plus it’s easy to get to with just a short stroll from the Izukyu-Shimoda Station.

Shimoda Ropeway Closed 002

The Shimoda Ropeway gets you to Nesugatayama Station 156 meters above the Shin-Shimoda Station at the foot of the system.

Shimoda Ropeway Closed 003

The facade of Shin-Shimoda Station of the Shimoda Ropeway.

Shimoda Ropeway Closed 004

Unfortunately, there was a sign in front of it saying that the system is closed for construction.

Shimoda Ropeway Closed 005

From Shimoda Ropeway’s website:

運休のお知らせ    Announcement of suspended service






・運 休 日(予定) Suspended service

2018年 12月10日(月)~ 2019年 7月31日(水)

From 2018. 12. 10 to 2019. 07. 31 ( It is a plan. It may be shortened depending on the progress of construction)

Oh well. Hopefully it will be back up in operation should I visit Shimoda in future.

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