SINDO Ferry from Batam Centre to Singapore by Ferry

Since I bought a return ticket as it’s cheaper than getting two one-ways, my return journey was with SINDO Ferry as well. Even when booking online through Easybook, you get a discount when you pick the same operator for your return leg.

View the Singapore – Batam (Indonesia) Ferries Service Guide here.

Looks like my 5.20pm departure will be served by the Queen Star 5, the second newest ferry in the SINDO Ferry fleet. Seems like the new ferries are based on Batam Centre routes, even with the new Majestic-class ferries as experienced with Majestic on my previous trip.

The SINDO Ferry counter is the left-most counter within the cluster. It’s a bit hard to spot at first because the pillar blocks off the view of the middle of the counter.

My boarding pass for my return journey.

Once that’s done, immigration is as usual.

Significantly more passengers today than on my previous trip, but probably because it’s a public holiday.

My 5.20pm is ready to board. The staff here will take the agent portion of the boarding pass after scanning it at the gate.

The Queen Star 5 ready for departure.

The passenger portion of the boarding pass will be taken here by another staff.

The interior of the lower deck of the Queen Star 5.

The interior of the upper deck, where I picked my seat for this trip.

Sailing away from Batam.

Batu Ampar Port, which I’ll be using quite soon.

The Singapore skyline back in sight.

Passing by the SuperStar Gemini in the harbour.

Approaching the HarbourFront Regional Ferry Terminal.

The builder plate of the Queen Star 5.

Disembarking from the Queen Star 5.

You can get your ferry tickets online at BusOnlineTicket or Easybook.

View the Singapore – Batam (Indonesia) Ferries Service Guide here.


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