Day 1: Batam Fast from Singapore (HarbourFront Centre) to Batam (Batam Centre)

After completing my journey From London to Singapore in 40 Days, I figured that the journey could be further extended with transport options south of Singapore. Sure, Sentosa was the touristy *cringe* southernmost point of “continental Asia” (which is untrue by the way) and of my trip, but that’s not the most inspiring place to be.

The neighbouring country south of Singapore is Indonesia, with frequent ferries linking Singapore with Batam Island. And since it’s Indonesia, why not continue the journey to reach the next railway network to see how far I can go?

And so begins my journey from Singapore to Bali by Land and Sea.

Planning for this trip was really easy – every step of the booking process can be done online. You can get your ticket online from EasybookBusOnlineTicket or directly from the ferry operators’ websites. For this trip, I chose to travel with Batam Fast since I have tried Majestic and SINDO already.

Whichever method you choose to book your ticket, you can check-in online at Batam Fast’s website and print your boarding pass at home.

Proceeding for departure at the HarbourFront Regional Ferry Terminal. Not a common departure point for travellers to Bali.

Since I was travelling with just an unlockable hiking backpack and my day backpack with my camera in it, I was wondering if it would be small enough to pass through the checks ahead instead of having to check in my backpack here. Luckily, I wasn’t turned back to the baggage check-in counter and was allowed through.

The usual waiting area at HarbourFront.

My ferry to Batam Centre is now ready for boarding!

My trip today is served by the MV ASEAN Raider II.

Boarding the first leg of my journey to Bali.

Departing from HarbourFront 3 minutes early.

Resorts World Sentosa on the other side.

Exiting the harbour.

Passing by the southernmost train station in Singapore – Beach Station. The closest station to connect to would be in Jakarta.

Next station: Tanjung Priok

Passing by the fake southernmost point of continental Asia.

The true southernmost tip of Sentosa.

The last view of the Singapore skyline in Singapore waters.

Heading onwards to Indonesia.

I spent my time for the first half of the journey to Batam Centre on the open-air upper deck.

After I decided that it got too hot for comfort, I moved downstairs to the air-conditioned lower deck instead.

Approaching Batam Centre with a tinted window to keep out the sunlight.

A non-tinted window is available just beside this though – probably only because the tinted sticker has peeled off.

The interior of the lower deck of the ASEAN Raider II.

The non-operational cafe area.

Stepping foot on Indonesian soil.

Proceeding for immigration. The immigration clearance feels slower here than at Sekupang though, but probably because more ferries arrive here.

Arrived at Batam Centre.

Since the bridge to Mega Mall wasn’t open yet, I went over to the GraPARI Telkomsel first to sort out my SIM card and then headed for the Trans Batam halt to get to Batu Ampar to board the ferry to Jakarta.

Next post: Day 1: Trans Batam Corridor 05 from Batam Centre to Batu Ampar Port

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