Singapore Brickfest 2021 LEGO® Exhibition With Trains At ION Orchard [Free Entry]

Singapore Brickfest 2021 At ION Orchard

Singapore Brickfest 2021 is a LEGO® exhibition at ION Orchard from 25 October to 14 November 2021. This is an Official LEGO® Fan Event in Singapore for LEGO® fans to display their “My Own-Creations” of LEGO® sets. There are a few train exhibits in the event, so I made my way down to have a look at them.

Singapore Brickfest 2021 offers free entry for all, with ticket reservations to be made here according to timeslots for safe management measures.

ION Art Level 4

Singapore Brickfest 2021 is held at ION Art at Level 4 of ION Orchard. Take the path to the right of the concierge.

Head in to ION Art. This is the same path to the lifts up to ION Sky.

Entry to Singapore Brickfest 2021

Singapore Brickfest 2021 tickets are available on Eventbrite.

If you do not already have a ticket, you can scan the QR code at the entrance for the link to book your tickets.

Show your ticket and SafeEntry check-in screen to the staff, who will issue a S$5 voucher for Bricks World LEGO® Certified Stores at ION Orchard Level 4, and some early bird gifts which was not available at the time of my visit.

 “My Own-Creations” of LEGO® sets

The LEGO® exhibits in Singapore Brickfest 2021 are spaced out for social distancing, and individual display cases have an individual exhibit from each LEGO® fan to display their “My Own-Creations” of LEGO® sets.

I was there mainly for the train exhibits though, but the other creations look pretty great too.

⚠️ The train exhibits listed below are part of the “Memories” theme which has ended on 1 November 2021. A new set of “Imagine” theme exhibits will be up from 4 to 14 November 2021.

Malayan Railways – A Journey Through Time

Malayan Railways – A Journey Through Time features rolling stock of KTM Berhad. 2 locomotives and 2 coaches are featured here. These LEGO® KTM trains are created by Farouq Azizan of @thebrickcraftsman.

The main locomotive featured is the 20 Class locomotive, with a 24 Class locomotive behind on the next track. Information on these locomotives are posted within the display case.

The 20 Class locomotive is coupled with a classic chocolate and cream coach.

The 24 Class locomotive is coupled with a Hyundai ASC.

A closer shot of the 24 Class locomotive.

There’s also a station master LEGO® minifigure holding up a token pouch.

A closer look at the classic and current KTM passenger coaches.

The Hyundai ASC is incredibly detailed with the hopper windows, gangway, and second class blue plastic coach number in place.

Types of Monorail Trains

Types of Monorail Trains is another exhibit on Japanese monorail products, although I’m pretty sure I spotted something quite off here.

There’s a Tokyo Monorail 1000 series in 2000s era livery on display.

There’s also an Osaka Monorail 1000 series on display.

The centerpiece train is the Changi Airport Skytrain, which while is a great effort, it looks very out of place as the Changi Airport Skytrain is not a monorail in real life, but rather a Mitsubishi Crystal Mover automated people mover (APM) system.

The LEGO® model of the Changi Airport Skytrain looks like a hybrid of both the Changi Airport Skytrain and Sentosa Express monorail trains.

The Changi Airport Skytrain “monorail” is placed on a Singapore Brickfest 2021 monorail track.

Yesterday Once More in Singapore

Yesterday Once More in Singapore might be the most visited display in Singapore Brickfest 2021 with very recognisable local landmarks in the display case. As this display is made up of many individual creations, I’ll do this from left to right and from front to back.

There’s a limited edition LEGO® model of Church of Saints Peter and Paul which costs S$600 to buy.

A Trans Island Bus Services (TIBS) single deck bus on the main road.

A Singapore Bus Services (SBS) double decker bus on the main road.

A cluster of shophouses in Katong, with the iconic Katong Bakery & Confectionery Red House, and the Toa Payoh Dragon Playground on display.

The Maris Stella High School gate, which was a cause of internet uproar a few months ago.

The Hill Street Central Fire Station, the oldest existing fire station in Singapore.

Some old-school gadgets of Singapore including a TransitLink bus ticket validator, dageda phone, overhead projector (OHP), and a Tetris handheld game.

Perhaps my favourite creation in this display case is the old Sentosa Monorail with passengers on board.

And in the background, the Chinese High School Clock Tower Building, a gazetted national monument in Singapore, within the campus of Hwa Chong Institution.

The vehicles are pointing in a uniform direction, which makes the individual pieces look like a mini town with a main road.

There are many more LEGO® exhibits at Singapore Brickfest 2021 with varying topics – local, international, and fiction alike. These are just the transport-related creations featured because, well, this is RailTravel Station, and not How I Met Your Mother Station. (Go down and visit to know what I mean.)

Singapore Brickfest 2021 Voucher

There is a free S$5 voucher given upon entry to Singapore Brickfest 2021 to use at Bricks World LEGO® Certified Stores at ION Orchard Level 4. There is also a free exclusive limited edition SG Brickfest brick and Build a Minifigure, but these were not available at the time of my visit which was in the late afternoon.

Bricks World LEGO® Certified Stores At ION Orchard

Bricks World is located across Level 4 from ION Art.

For something local, I spotted the Building My SG SG50 Special LEGO® set going for S$29.90. I guess the Carousell market is now ruined.


The Singapore Brickfest 2021 is an interesting exhibition with various creations looking like scale models, while being mainly created out of standard LEGO® bricks. Since it’s a free exhibition, I recommend popping by to have a look when you’re in the Orchard area.

How to go to Singapore Brickfest 2021:

Singapore Brickfest 2021
ION Orchard
ION Art Level 4
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Ticket Booking

Use Orchard MRT Station Exit E to enter ION Orchard directly and take the lift up to Level 4.

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