SMRT Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CRRC Qingdao Sifang (B-Train)

The Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CRRC Qingdao Sifang (B-Train) is the fifth generation of electric multiple units (EMUs) to be in operation on the North South and East West Lines operated by SMRT. 45 sets of 6-car trains were ordered under LTA’s Contract C151B.

The prominent new aesthetics include the new external livery and the new SMRT Active Route Map Information System (Staris) 2.0 mounted above every door which shows the route information.

The STARiS 2.0 provides platform and station exit information prior to arrival at the next station, as well as courtesy reminder messages.

The STARiS 2.0 also has a countdown 5 seconds before the door closes.

Although the message to stand clear of doors seems a little too late in my opinion.

The geographical route map of the North South Line.

One of the negatives of the STARiS 2.0 is that you will not know the upcoming stations at any point of time but only the upcoming and arrival stations, making it slightly less informative to those unfamiliar with the MRT system and want route information only instead of reading station exits information.

Some other changes to the B-Train include the new look of the doors closing light above every door.

The “keep clear of doors” sticker has also been moved onto the doors itself to make space for the STARiS 2.0. The B-Train also uses electric doors rather than pneumatic doors on all other trains on the North South and East West Line, which is said to allow smoother and reliable door operations.

Interior-wise, it is very similar, if not exactly the same as the KSF trainsets, also manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CRRC Qingdao Sifang.

The car number and the train’s builder plate at the front of the train, still bearing the logo of CSR before the merger.

The CBTC housing is also smaller as compared to the other retrofitted trains, but it could also be partially due to the B-Trains having only CBTC equipment installed – and as such can only run when CBTC is in operation on the line.

Looking back at the rear of the train.

The B-Train departing Ang Mo Kio on its way to Marina South Pier, meeting the first generation Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) EMU.

The B-Train making it’s way northbound to Jurong East.

The B-Train only operates on the North South Line when CBTC trials are running as the train is only compatible with CBTC and not the older fixed block system. Once CBTC is fully rolled out on the North South Line, and in future the East West Line, you will get to see and board the B-Train more often till it becomes a norm.

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