SMRT ‘Please Do Not Talk’ Window Stickers On Main Line Trains

‘Please Do Not Talk’ Window Stickers spotted on SMRT Main Line Trains

On one of my MRT rides, I spotted some new ‘Please Do Not Talk’ window stickers pasted throughout the train I was on.

One version has ‘Please Do Not Talk’ in Singapore’s 4 official languages – English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil.

Although I see some problems with Malay and Chinese, which may be a wrong or indirect translation. “Harap tidak bercakap” sounds more like “please no talk” as compared to “harap jangan bercakap”, and “请保持安静” means “please keep the silence”.

The other sticker has pictograms on not talking on the phone or out loud in general, and that you should put your finger on your mask. /s

The stickers are pasted throughout both seats and standing sections of this Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) train.

These ‘Please Do Not Talk’ stickers were found on board train 077/078.

In my opinion, these stickers seem to come almost 2 years too late. During the first Singapore COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Measures, Safe Distancing Stickers on Singapore public transport did not include such variations of safe management measures, but only on social distancing. Announcements to keep quiet, was, however, made throughout these almost 2 years.

Currently, announcements in stations and on board trains remind commuters to not talk to one another or on your mobile phones while in public transport. Platform and train staff also carry around a sign and remind passengers who are talking to not talk.

However, such passengers continue to talk anyway, after the staff leaves or train doors have closed. It remains to be seen if these new window stickers will be effective to get commuters to stop talking on public transport.

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