Suasana Edaran (SkyBus) from KL Sentral to klia2 and KLIA by Bus

Suasana Edaran Bus from KL Sentral to klia2 and KLIA

Suasana Edaran is a bus operator on the KL Sentral-klia2-KLIA route which offers Super VIP 2+1 seating. I booked my ticket in advance on Easybook as I wanted this premium seat, but turns out I was offered something combined.

Buses to KLIA and klia2 depart from the ground floor of KL Sentral. Take the escalator behind the glass door from the KLIA Transit area.

Heading down the escalator to the buses for KLIA and klia2.

KL Sentral

The buses to KLIA and klia2 can be seen from the escalator down already.

The Skybus in front looks like it’s getting brisk business.

A Suasana Edaran coach was behind the Skybus, which I waited for a while in front of, till I sensed something amiss.

The Suasana Edaran coach was parked in front of the Suasana Edaran counter which is the same as Airport coach. Also, it seems like the companies have combined to form Suasana Airport Coach. Both sides of these counters were closed with no sign of any staff close by to the when approaching departure time.

The regular adult bus fare on Suasana Edaran costs RM15 when paid for on the spot. My online fare on Easybook was RM12 + 60 sen admin fee, a total of RM12.60, which is cheaper than paying cash on the spot at KL Sentral.

The bus schedule of Suasana Edaran. Or so I thought.

Noticing that the Skybus counter for AeroSky Ventures has a suspiciously similar fare and schedule, I approached the AeroSky Ventures with my Easybook Suasana Edaran ticket and they confirmed that my departure time at 4pm is for the Skybus departing shortly.

Wait a minute, so AeroSky Ventures (SkyBus and AeroBus) and Suasana Airport Coach (Suasana Edaran and Airport Coach) are now the same company? Does this make them Suasana AeroSky Airport Coach Ventures?

If you ever see the long name Suasana Aerosky Airport Coach Ventures next time, remember that you saw the idea here first on RailTravel Station.

Heading on board the SkyBus, it was free seating on the 2+2 seating bus. Not the Super VIP 1+2 that I thought I booked on.

The 4pm SkyBus departed from KL Sentral right on time.

The Suasana Edaran bus which I thought was my bus behind was for the 5pm departure.

As I got an aisle seat for this trip, there’s no scenery pictures to show on this leg of the journey.


The SkyBus stops at klia2 first. The journey from KL Sentral to klia2 took 54 minutes.

About half the passengers alighted here at klia2, which was less than I thought, considering that klia2 serves mainly low cost carriers which this low cost airport bus might be paired with. Half of the remaining passengers were continuing on to KLIA where mainly legacy carriers are.

The road system between KLIA and klia2 is separated. The bus will have to go up the highway to the flyover u-turn to head back in to klia2, despite the two terminals being side by side.

Heading into KLIA.

Turning into KLIA Bus Station.


The journey from KL Sentral to KLIA via klia2 took 64 minutes.

Looking back at the interior of the SkyBus after all passengers had alighted.

Alighting from the SkyBus at KLIA.

The KLIA Bus Station is located in a separate but neighbouring building to the main terminal building.

Be careful of the departure board in the KLIA Bus Station as this is for bus departures and not flight information.

Heading up the escalators to the main KLIA terminal building.

There is a link bridge connecting the KLIA Bus Station with the main terminal building. Travellators are available on the link bridge.

The link bridge leads to KLIA Level 2. Continue up the escalators or lift to Level 5 for the Departure Hall.


The SkyBus or AeroBus or Suasana Edaran or Airport Coach or whatever it is is an affordable way to travel between KL Sentral and the two terminals of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) at KLIA and klia2. It is about double the travel time of the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit, of which only the latter is operating under the disguise of a “combined service”, but the Suasana Edaran fares at RM12.60 are 77% cheaper than the KLIA Ekspres at RM55, with the cheaper Suasana Edaran fare I purchased on Easybook even after a small admin fee.

Special shoutout to the SkyBus driver of WC8007W for finding my camera case which I left behind on this trip. My camera case was found after my trip itself, and returned to me a couple of hours after I reported it missing at KL Sentral counter on the next day. Thank you once again!

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