Flight Review: Thai AirAsia FD3439 from Bangkok Don Mueang Terminal 2 to Chiang Mai by Airbus A320neo

Thai AirAsia FD3439 from Bangkok Don Mueang Terminal 2 to Chiang Mai Review

Following from my Thai AirAsia FD358 flight from Singapore to Bangkok Don Mueang, it was time to catch my next flight, Thai AirAsia FD3439 from Bangkok Don Mueang to Chiang Mai. I gave myself 3 hours to transfer between flights, especially since I was on separate bookings. It was cheaper this way, but that also meant that I could not use the Fly Thru service for the direct transfer path from international arrivals to domestic departures via the special separate immigration counter. Nevertheless, I made my transfer with plenty of time to spare.

Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport Terminal 2

I had arrived from my Thai AirAsia FD358 from Singapore at Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport Terminal 1, the international terminal. My Thai AirAsia FD3439 flight to Chiang Mai will be departing from Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport Terminal 2, the domestic terminal.

Terminals 1 and 2 are located just beside each other and directly connected in the building structure.

Thai AirAsia Check-in

Thai AirAsia check-in is at Rows 9 and 10 at Bangkok Don Mueang Terminal 2.

Check-in for Thai AirAsia has been upgraded to contactless kiosks. That also meant that I could not reprint my boarding pass here, since this kiosk leads passengers to check-in on the app which I have done, and to reprint baggage tags, which I have none.

Nevertheless, I have printed my boarding pass at home already, and could proceed straight to gate with this.

My Thai AirAsia FD3439 looks to be on time.

Security Screening

I headed to security screening early since there wasn’t much to explore in the public area, and I could keep my devices charged while waiting for my flight.

Security was quick and easy with no queues in front of me. As the sign says, the wait was 2 minutes, but I think I took 2 minutes to go through security with no wait.

Domestic Transit Area

On first impression, the domestic transit area at Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2 is much more vibrant than the international side at Terminal 1.

I mean, they even have a Thai 7-Eleven which the international transit area lacks. That makes everything good instantly.

Here’s the escalator leading out of the transfer area from international arrivals. My long walk would have simply been an escalator ride if I was allowed to use this path, even when I already had my boarding pass in hand.

Taking the travellators to Gate 51.

The travellator journey passes through exhibits depicting Thai aviation.

The Coral Executive Lounge and Miracle Lounge are along the travellator path towards Gates 50 to 56.

Heading down the ramp to Gates 50 to 56.

The glass façade towards the apron allows for close-up views of the aircraft parked at the gate.

More Thai aviation exhibits are around the gate area.

Ample seating is provided at the gate area with a small playground for children as well. Seats are divided by a side table, which I thought it was perfect, considering that Don Mueang Airport caters more to low-cost carriers and most passengers would be carrying a cabin bag.

Gate 51

I got to Gate 51 early for my flight, with no ground staff in sight yet.

HS-CBH will be flying me from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and pleasantly an Airbus A320neo too.

The pier of Gates 50 to 56 also marked my first glimpse of the operational Red Line. At the time of my flight, I had not taken the Red Line yet, since this was also my first time stepping back in Bangkok after COVID-19, though just for a transit. But I will be back in a few days for a proper visit and to properly try the Red Lines.


Boarding commenced at 2.12pm, 28 minutes before scheduled departure.

Walking around the curved walkway to the aircraft.

Heading down the aerobridge.

Boarding HS-CBH.

Thai AirAsia FD3439

The interior of Thai AirAsia’s Airbus A320neo.

My assigned aisle seat at 20D.

Looking at the opposite row for a better picture of the seats.

The legroom available on board Thai AirAsia’s Airbus A320neo.

The tray table has an AirAsia advertisement pasted on it.

It was quite a full flight this afternoon from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, as it usually is.

My Thai AirAsia FD3439 flight departed from Bangkok Don Mueang at 2.50pm – 10 minutes delayed.

Pad Thai with Egg Wrap

For this flight, I pre-ordered 2 “meals”, a Pad Thai with Egg Wrap and a Boba Milk Tea. As the Boba Milk Tea counts as a “meal”, I also received a bottle of mineral water along with my “meal” order. That’s a total of 3 drinks to complement my Pad Thai with Egg Wrap.

My hearty lunch for this afternoon.

My Pad Thai with Egg Wrap was nicely presented with a pristine egg wrap, 2 prawns, and spring onions for garnish.

While the Pad Thai was served hot, the noodles were stuck together and was quite chewy, with similar qualities to takeaway noodles from a local shop. I also wished that the prawns would come with the shells peeled, as it was quite a chore to eat shelled prawns from a plane casserole. Though some might counter it as being a local experience instead.

Boba Milk Tea

The Boba Milk Tea was certainly a refreshing beverage/dessert to have with my meal. The milk tea and pearls were served in a separate bottle, with ice provided. You can’t go wrong with Boba Milk Tea.


Seems like HS-CBH was originally meant for AirAsia Berhad, as seen from the Bahasa Malaysia texts on the toilet stickers. For the record, HS-CBH was delivered brand new to Thai AirAsia.

The Airbus A321neo toilets at the aft are very slim, and 1 toilet door even shares with a crew seat.

The clean toilet on board Thai AirAsia FD3439.

Interestingly, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, and English is written on the flush button. No Thai language is used on Thai AirAsia.

Chiang Mai International Airport

My Thai AirAsia FD3439 landed at Chiang Mai International Airport at 3.46pm – 9 minutes early.

Disembarking from the aircraft.

Heading down to the apron via the mobile stairs.

Thai AirAsia Apron Bus

An apron bus in Thai AirAsia livery was parked just in front of the mobile stairs. This apron bus will shuttle passengers to the airport terminal building.

Boarding the low floor Thai AirAsia apron bus.

The Thai AirAsia apron bus is built for high capacity and has lots of standing area with grab poles and hand rails.

The apron bus drops off directly at the arrival baggage reclaim area, literally where the ground staff load up baggage on to the conveyor belt before it appears for collection inside the air-conditioned terminal building.

Looking back at the Thai AirAsia apron bus.

Baggage Reclaim

Baggage reclaim immediately follows just after the door.

With no baggage to reclaim, I headed straight out. Bus to public area in less than 30 seconds.

Arrival Hall

The arrival hall of Chiang Mai International Airport. That was an efficient way from plane to exit.

Taxi Counter

Taxi counters are available, advertising flat-fare trips to the city for 150 Baht.

However, I headed out of the terminal as I was looking for the RTC City Bus.

More taxi counters are available outside with fares charged by meter. I’m not sure if the metered fare or the flat fare would offer a better deal.

Rod Daeng

Having failed to find the RTC City Bus stop, I opted for the next best thing which doesn’t cost 150 Baht – the local Rod Daeng.


It was a great domestic flight with Thai AirAsia with a vibrant Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2 (thank you 7-Eleven), comfortable waiting area with power sockets, great food on board the flight, a quiet flight thanks to the new engine option, and an early arrival of 9 minutes into Chiang Mai.

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