Flight Review – Thai Airways TG401: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Singapore by Boeing 777-300

TG401 is the last flight of the day of Thai Airways departing from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at 7.40pm, arriving into Singapore at 10.55pm. My flight was served by the higher-capacity Boeing 777-300, which will layover in Singapore for the night before forming TG402, the first flight of the day from Singapore.

With the late evening departure, the entire journey will be without sunlight.

My boarding pass for TG401.

Gate E5 was about a 600 meter walk from immigration.

Heading down the ramp to the gate hold room.

HS-TKF ready for my flight back to Singapore.

Pillows and blankets were laid out on the seat for this “night flight”. However, I returned my blanket to the stewardess to free up some space on my seat.

The legroom of the Boeing 777-300.

The interior of the aft cabin from my seat.

Waiting for pushback.

Flying over the Gulf of Thailand with Chonburi on the left.

Dinner was a choice of Green Curry Fishball with Rice or Chicken with Noodle. Not wanting to be disappointed with the non-existent curry like last time, I decided to go with the Chicken with Noodle.

(Not sure why the steward gave me two bread rolls though.)

Looks better than it tasted, but I wasn’t feeling that hungry. I enjoyed the Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Longan the most though.

Arrived at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport.

The newly expanded Arrival Hall as part of the Changi T1 expansion project has been opened. With the late arrival and the last train to the city gone, I got a Grab from here back home.

The new arrival pick-up area for Terminal 1 is located at Basement 1.

A preview of the Jewel Changi Airport facade from the new arrivals area of Terminal 1.

The new Terminal 1 Basement 1.

If you are catching a taxi, just join the queue and get on the next available one waiting outside.

If you’re Grabing, wait at the designated pick-up door which you’ve chosen on the app.

Overall, just like my initial TG402 flight, the regular Economy Class seat on the Boeing 777-300 did feel a little crammed with my carry-on bag stashed under the seat in front of me where the seat leg was encroaching into the storage space (and my legroom) and the leg rest didn’t work when folded down since my bag was in the way. But nevertheless, the IFE, meal and overall service made up for the experience. Not too bad for a short-haul flight.

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